Back in high school I remember having to create a sonnet for one of my classes and I remember having some serious writer’s block but a little help from my best friend and magically this came to be…so here’s an oldie but goodie…Enjoy!


This isn’t something that’s just occurred

But the thought of it is still yearned

I may be young but I’ve surely heard

That life is only worth living when it is earned

If you work hard and do what is right

And not worry about what others may say

Make sure to try your best with all your might

And your life will be filled with many uplifting days

It may be confusing, it may be tough

Dealing with life can be stressful and I should know

Not getting your way can be somewhat rough

But you can’t give up, I think that clearly shows

That life can contain its ultimate highs and lows

But it’s with those that we shall all learn to grow


And just for fun if you’re a 90’s kid like me…

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