Dance to Find Yourself…that’s an order ;)

She keeps walking till she’s lost

she’s lost herself because of you

 She needs to find her grasp

a grasp on who she was before you

Simple things

They don’t mean much to you

But the little things

is what gave you a heart in her eyes

in the first place

But now that’s gone

her walking has turned to dancing

dancing for a real love

She’ll kiss some frogs

trying to navigate this strange obscurity

She’ll find plenty of other fish in the sea too

She’ll never know when her prince may show

She’ll probably never see him coming

Because life is life

It’s now so clear

He’s just a boy

and she’s just a girl

Complexities in simplicities and all

Be careful taking those liberties

Table your insecurities

Dial back

and dance to find yourself

it’s the only way to let freedom reign


**** Whenever I have a really bad day, or when I’m feeling stressed out, and life just gets to be too much, I’ll just lock myself in my room and dance around like a complete moron! haha Hey it may be unconventional but I’ll tell you right now,  it works! It helps you forget what has gotten you all wound up. So “when in doubt dance it out!” That’s definitely one of my mottos. #wordstoliveby

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