More Trouble than it’s Worth?

Sophia Bush in Passion Pit’s “Carried Away”…great music video, check it out!

It all starts the same

Boy meets Girl

And maybe she falls for you

First comes the courtship

Filled with smiles and laughter

Followed by crumpled up love letters

and crystal clear tears

A sadness felt in her veins

for what will seem like years

Is she overreacting

does it matter to you at all?

You steal her soul

like a thief in the night

While she waited in line for you, so long

You are now the reason for all of her walls

Her heart’s not a place for you to plant your schemes

Hearts are meant for love and love alone

It’s a shame you don’t get that

Better off alone

People keep saying

Is that a lie?

It’s hard not to try

to think that there’s possibly a better place

Somewhere that could be made her escape

The streets are quiet

she walks along alone

Heart in her hand

Take it, but please don’t break it

She begs

Holding out her hand

Can you reach it?

Or did you just choose to ignore it all

She wonders in secret

“Have I mistaken you?”

“Have I forsaken you?”

“What is this word I keep hearing?”

“What exactly are you sorry for?”

She wonders

Is it for something you’ve already done

or for something that you’re about to?

“Have I forsaken you?”

“Have I mistaken you?”


They say it’s the best policy

Clearly you believe that

Sarcasm is a friend and a foe

She was well invested

But she’s getting tired

Emotionally drained

Her outlook is turning cold

All you had to do was tell the truth


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