This Generation is Screwed… #adatingsatire

It’s interesting. We are conditioned as young girls to believe in fairy tales, to believe that a prince will come and sweep us off our feet. And never in that fantasy is that prince ever a bad man… he’s always kind, and considerate, and rides in on a big white horse. He’s never arrogant, or conceited or a complete moron! He never walks around destroying everything in his path, wrecking all those who he comes into contact with. NO… instead his main goal is simply well…to make his princess happy. He does what he says when he says it, and he means what he says, he doesn’t just say it to say it. HA what a crock! Huh ladies? 😉

These fairy tales are just that…tales. Tales for little girls to grow up believing  in something, something better than the norm.  Something to strive for, I guess in a way, it’s building up young girls’ ideal image, in the hope that one day they’ll truly know what they’re worth. And honestly I guess that’s a good thing, but at the same time it can definitely be misleading, haha. Because let’s face it, the shit you see in movies are just that…in movies. Guys aren’t really like that. You can work something up in your head, only to have it completely go in the opposite direction, and then your heart gets disappointed.  And guys say we’re the complicated ones! The same way guys expect girls to be “domesticated” well girls expect guys to treat them with some respect. (btw say a girl’s place is in the kitchen and you will get cut!) 😉

What is it with the  dating world today?  Well I guess you could call it dating, although I think there are a few other choice words for how guys and gals get together nowadays. Why is writing a comment on Facebook or texting a girl the equivalent of actually asking her out on an actual date in person. Although I will say that’s more technology’s fault than the guy’s so there’s room for slack there. But  Why is it “Yo girl”,  *like really who are you talking to, do I look like I’m one of your boys? because if so we have a problem* instead of “Hi, how are you?” Why is it “Oh she’s hot, I’d tap that”…instead of “Wow she’s beautiful, have you seen her eyes?”  Why do guys think it’s lame to be good boyfriends (or just good guys in general) when their around their friends, as if it makes you somehow less of a man? Give me a freakin’ break. Call me old-fashioned, call me an old soul, I don’t care. I believe in love, I believe it is the ONLY thing in this world that is even worth living for. I believe all the money and success in the world couldn’t replace what it feels like to be loved by someone. You can’t truly appreciate anything if you don’t have someone to share it with. It’s like going to see your favorite artist in concert alone. Where’s the fun in that???  It’s sickening to see how things have changed. But then again I guess most guys are dogs…although my bet is there are a few good ones out there… but that’s like trying to find a grain of rice in a cornfield…. Extremely difficult and frustratingly annoying!

Well woof woof, move on, cause if that’s a line, I ain’t bitin

xoxo #keepcalmandcarryon 😉

P.S. word of advice…chivalry is not dead.

and let’s not forget ladies have a few issues of their own to iron out! If you go along with his bullshit, you are just as wrong as he is!

So ladies….put your middle fingers away, cover up your boobs…and respect yourself enough to know you’re worth so much more.

Oh now I get it… Girl Philosophy & Guy Psychology Just Don’t Match

-Rant over-


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