What up with that?

I’m thinking of introducing a new segment called… “What up with that?”  Cuz let’s face it, there’s a lot of weird shit in this world haha… Anyhow this is going be a #quickpost today… so my ladies out there, I do hope you can relate!

For the past two Christmases I’ve gotten Sephora gift cards and I haven’t gotten to use them! But the other day I went shopping and finally remembered to bring them…both cards total amount came out to $75. $75 sounds like a good amount to spend in a makeup store huh? I least I thought so, in my naive little brain haha.  But guess what $75 later and I walked out with only 4 items; FOUR!!!!! I guess being that I’m not that much of a makeup freak, I didn’t realize how expensive good make up actually is. I mean $18 for lip gloss…what are these people smokin’??? However, I do love to get dressed up and put all the makeup on, so I was excited I got to use my gift cards, but at the same time I felt like the money was being cheated! Everything these days is so overpriced, (yes I’m clearly a frugal 75 year old woman haha). I walked around that store for probably about 45 minutes trying to decide what I wanted. I was so confused and a tad bit overwhelmed; so many brands of makeup, hair care, facial care, perfume…my god! Don’t get me wrong I’m a girly girl at heart, but I was raised kind of simplistically. I’m not that materialistic, and I don’t fall into the brand names much. The only thing I buy from Sephora is the bareMinerals face makeup. But it is nice to splurge a little every once in a while, especially when it’s a gift card,  haha.

What I bought….

Clinique take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes, & lips- $18

bareMinerals marvelous Moxie lipstick; “Be Free” (a nude shade)- $18

bareMinerals marvelous Moxie lipgloss; “Hot Shot” (a bright pink shade)- $18

Sephora Waterproof Mascara; “Noir Black”- $12









Btw every girl knows this face well…

How every girl puts on mascara! #girlcode

How every girl puts on mascara! #girlcode

So although I enjoyed my purchases, makeup is highly overpriced #Whatupwiththat, my advice…unless you’re going out, don’t wear it…and if you do wear it on a daily basis, don’t abuse it…when you’re older your non wrinkled face will thank you 😉

Smile it’s almost Friday!


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