Washed Out

Stomach in knots

Try and try but can’t help it

Try to forget

But can’t help where we’ve been

May have been simple

May have not gone very far

May have acted prematurely

because maybe it was all in my head

Explaining it is hard

Feeling  like a fool

May not be nothing new at this time in life

Thinking and hoping

Read far too much into an empty gesture

Thought you felt something like I did too

Maybe it was a momentary spark

One that died out quickly for you

Because now I know the truth

All you  do is emotionally abuse

It’s unfortunate how you’ve opted to see me

as nothing but a useless heart

It’s the feeling

The feeling a girl gets when she’s washed out

Time will heal

Time will tell

Time is moving at a standstill now

Someone come quick

It’s all washed away

The feelings she once may or may not have felt

Confusion afloat

But when words go unsaid

and actions go undone

The water washes in

and the heart fades

Fades as it gets overrun

Time will heal

Time will tell

And eventually that girl will move on from being washed out


Peyton’s Drawings; One Tree Hill

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