A moment of Clarity saves your Sanity


In life there are always going to be things you wish were different, things you can’t control. People come into your life, and people go. And for what ever the reason, it always seems to make sense further down the road. But over the past few weeks, or for the better part of my college life, I’ve realized all of that is preparation for adulthood. I am not the same girl I am today that I was when I ended high school, nor am I the same girl I was when I started college. I will admit when we all graduated high school it was difficult, we were all scattered at different colleges, and it was difficult to handle, and difficult to see each other at times. But we always managed to find a way. I’ve gone through several situations that have made me realize things happen for a reason. It’s so important to surround yourself with people who are going to support you  in everything you do, and you should support them the same.


10419_1233674963198_5465578_nI am fortunate to have made an amazing group of friends in high school with the addition of a few old childhood friends who no matter what, I know will always be in my life. I’ve heard people say that “you don’t meet your best friends in high school, you meet them in college.” And although I’ve gained friends in college, I can honestly say that for me, my most important friendships are those that I’ve carried with me through most of my life.



The girls who know me better than anyone, the girls who I’ve had countless inside jokes with and who I’ve had endless conversations with about nothing, the girls who no matter how long we go without seeing each other, when we do it’s like we never left high school. All of the close friends I have in my life as of today, I have known for a good number of years.


1001166_10201057209813607_1180823440_nIn fact I’ve had the same best friend my entire life. I think that what is most important to our friendship is allowing the others to grow, as you grow. Because people change, times change, circumstances change, and it’s about accepting that and adapting to change that allows your friendships to grow. It’s not to say that it isn’t going to be hard, because let’s face it life throws a lot of things at us, some of them opportunities and some of them obstacles. But once you understand each individual has their own pace and their own path in life, you realize as long as you respect that, there is always room for each other. I now understand that the people who you turn to for advice, the people who you share your world with are the people who you call your best friends. I have also learned that because I’m starting to understand all of this, I know that the friendships I have are worth my time and effort. I also have learned that friendships who lose touch can sometimes be repaired, because the crap you dealt with in high school is all behind you now! 😀

So shout out to all my girls for always being there, I don’t think I could have asked for a better group of friends ❤


And sometimes people come into your life and you just click ❤

I always say my friends are my sanity and with this group I can safely say its true. Because friends become the family you pick for

yourself. And like my actual family these girls are always there for me…

So Thank You! Roe, Corine, Kate, Michelle, Lauren, Jordan (Buddykins), Jenny, Stav, Stella, Fatoosh, and O’sheazzie 😀


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