Screw the timeline…

tumblr_ml016gU2QO1s90aajo1_500So my best friend and I recently had a conversation about how a lot of people our age around us seem to be rushing  into adulthood and parenthood a little too quickly and although we respect other people’s choices we also know what we want for ourselves. 22 years old…we are ONLY 22 years old! And in some ways I feel like our lives are just beginning, and we are just now starting to understand who we are and who we want to be. Nowadays everything you do is debated by the world around you (thank you social media!) haha. But once you realize that you have to create your OWN timeline, and find what works best for you…well then you’ll be fine. I mean this generation needs an update. You don’t NEED to get married in your late teens/early twenties, and you don’t NEED to start a family right now either! You HAVE  time. You have time to figure out who you are without the additional company of someone else, you have time to pave your way to a career you love and you have time to understand what you want out of life…. your life. So screw the timeline, it’s outdated and unrealistic in today’s day and age, and just create your own timeline… but also learn what deserves to have your time…and what doesn’t. With that said…

Tick Tock, Tick Tock goes the clock

As a girl checks outside her door once more

All she sees  is an empty door mat greeted by emptiness and heaviness

Everything used to make her think of you

everything would somehow relate her to you

But after waiting

after learning

The breeze ungentle and the heat uncomfortable

She decided it best she close that door

She was tired of watching the tumbleweed roll by

and tired of  tripping over childish schemes

Realization is a tough pill to swallow

but some water will wash it down

and now slowly the girl who once used to wait around for you

could care less what your up to

She understands you were just a moment

a lesson to learn

and every lesson gives experience

experience that will eventually turn into a new face

A faceless man with many smiles and eyes with love to give


The Faceless Man awaits your heart

a face with genuine personality

a face she doesn’t even know exists

a face worth her time and worth her heart

all in good time

all in good time you see

Tick Tock, Tick Tock went that clock

And that girl took it and threw it away

But her mother cleaned it up and brought it back to her

and her friends said save it for another day

in every person’s heart there is a clock

and that clock will one day sound an alarm

a new aged ringtone that will harmonize with another’s

all in good time all in good time you see

All in good time that clock will bring that new face in

and this world will one day make sense



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