The Faceless Man…

A followup to: Screw the timeline…


“The Faceless Man”

Oh wouldn’t that be something if I knew god’s plan

and I could put a face upon this faceless man

Wouldn’t matter if he was rich

the wealth of love would be enough within his kiss

Tired mind meets tired heart

two opposites that learn to fight a losing battle

Although the mind is strong

It’s the heart that leads the way

No need for a boy

without a clue

To them love is a waste less art

But the faceless man can still see

See all the love that is within me

And although his eyes are deemed colorless for now

They shall one day be revealed and reflect brightly in mine

Often times hope wears and tears with age

And age may only be but a number

But still we hope

We hope for a man who can follow through

we hope for a man who will actually care for you

Those who came before this faceless man are only learned lessons

Don’t take it personally

you just weren’t meant for me

We just weren’t meant to be

We don’t have to be friends

we don’t have to be enemies

Just indifference is all it seems to be

In the sky

is a bright bright star

And I know my eyes lock with his through these dark distances

Unknowingly so

For he is seeing that same star

Once those colors set in

The Faceless Man awaits and will erase all faces before him

Because a woman unsure

is a woman with a deep heart

and a gentle soul

And a man with no clear face

is a man with a heart waiting to find its home


tumblr_mcny0278QU1rgk89co1_500 tumblr_mgy4t8N1bZ1qdb35ko1_500

Haven’t done this little tidbit in a while…so…

FYI: Totally gained extra emotional momentum listening to Sara McLachlan’s

album entitled Surfacing…yea it’s a Sara McLachlan kind of day 😀

P.S. shout out to Miley Cyrus’ lyric

“We don’t have to be friends, we don’t have to be enemies” from her song “two more lonely people.”

I was listening to that in my in between phases of starting and finishing this poem and I heard that and thought it fit perfectly so…thanks miles…gotta give credit where credits due boo 😉

Happy Weekend Folks 😀

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