“The journey is the destination.”

I often feel like we are all constantly searching for happiness

that happiness that is somehow so far away

so untouchable

and completely on another level

But what is happiness?

This fictitious happiness that is defined by what…




when in reality the order you put those in is what matters most

Happiness can be found simply in

the smile you receive from a loved one

the lyrics of a song

the birth of new life

the gentle breeze you feel sitting on a beach

the sound of wine being poured into a glass

the site of bright yellow petals of a sunflower sitting in a neighbors garden

It’s the little things in life that count

the little things that make the big things even worth having

The things you go through in everyday life

that journey you create for yourself

That is where happiness lies

We always look ahead

if only i had this

or that

if only i had him

if only i had her

if only i were more like this person

or that person

if only i dressed differently or looked differently

if only i had a better  job and more money

I’d be happier

we’re constantly searching for a different form of happiness

a better form

when in reality the journey we’re on

is that happiness

living in the now

living for the now

is what defines happiness

if we continue to look ahead at a rapid pace

wondering when this ultimate happiness will surface

we’ll miss it all

and it will just pass us by

happiness may be the idea of the long term destination

but that happiness is crafted throughout the journey you’re on

because the journey is the destination



*and no matter what happens in life, no matter how crappy your day is or week is, or life is, find something beautiful in everyday, because you deserve it, your heart deserves it, happiness lies in the little things*

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