On her wedding day

I sit there in the church I’ve grown up in
The pew feels the same
And I look toward the back
Gold large doors greet my gaze
And I imagine it
They open
I’m there dressed in white
The prettiest I’ll ever look

Butterflies dance in my stomach

as he waits up ahead for my hand
And I walk slowly steadily
My dad by my side
I’m nervous
But I’m ready
Because it’s right
He’s right
The aisle is long and almost never ending

but it’s a path im willing to travel down
And so I do
Passing smiling faces
Flowers are handed to my best friend and my hand is clasped in his
As the transfer from Daddy’s little girl to wife to be is made
He turns to me
The priest begins
Dearly beloved…
And I wake up
Right where I started
Right where I’ve always been

*Just for the hell of it, songs that just hit a nerve at this moment*

Wedding Dress by Matt Nathanson

Marry Me by Train

If you are lucky enough to be married to a man who loves and respects you (And I mean really loves and respects you, not making mentions to the minor insignificant fights you two have) if he loves and respects you, consider yourself lucky, and be grateful for him… Because they don’t make em like that much anymore.



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