What if Disney Princesses came to life???


I had a funky idea to put real life faces to the Disney Princesses we have all grown up to love…

Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Pocahontas were always two of my favorite princesses, so let’s start with them!

Ariel: Ariana Grande (Actress & Singer)


Pocahontas: Shay Mitchell (Actress & Blogger)


Cinderella: Brittany Snow (Actress; Musical Singer)

cinderella_yellow_b brittany-snow-1-290

Snow White: Katy Perry (Singer)


Aurora; “Sleeping Beauty”: Blake Lively (Actress)

sleeping-beauty-2 1365480439_blake_lively

Mulan: Brenda Song (Actress)

Mulan-disney-30712375-580-2114 Brenda-Song-brenda-song-149939_269_400

Jasmine; “Aladdin”: Sofia Vergara (Actress)


   Belle; “Beauty and the Beast”: Anne Hathaway

Belle2 Anne-Hathaway-anne-hathaway-753299_1024_768

Some of these actresses and singers were actually handpicked by many other people who thought they would make good real life princesses. It’s crazy the things you find on Google! I’m over here thinking the fact that Anne Hathaway looks like Belle is the most miraculous discovery along with the rest, and then I Google it and it’s like a known fact, haha! Well… still just did this for fun!
If there’s ever a Disney princess mash-up movie set in real life times then here’s your cast… your welcome 😉


Thought this was dope…. Hipster Disney Princesses #allgrownup




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