A writer’s blood

Photo By Robert DeSantos Jr.

Photo By Robert DeSantos Jr.

Don’t piss off a writer

They can crush you

with the stroke of a pen

Or the press of a few keys

an electronic papercut

uppercut to the heart,

or better yet

the ego

that’s what gets bruised

Bleed you dry

and ruin your life

Just ask my girl

Taylor Swift

A girl with no loss of pride

But a story to tell

And she’s told it well

A writer’s song is what you call it

Mood swings change faster than seasons

A writer’s song is only written when she’s bleeding

Emotionally drained

The heart is fragile

Sometimes life moves quicker than we let it

So lay your cards out on my table

And we’ll see who folds

Are you brave enough to catch a writer’s bluff?

It’s so difficult to be fearless

when you know how cold the world can be

But a writer writes her song and explains the pain through symphony

Do what you’ve always wanted to

A writer’s goal is just the same

To make you feel

To understand you

Deciding to place blame

and develop truth

No wonder they call it bleeding

it’s the only thing to compare it to

It’s a diary, an open wound

A diary of the soul

So sit down and take a read

And heal a heart

and lead it home



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