My Top Fall Fashion “Must Haves”

As August is winding down, I’ve found myself in this rut. Lately I’m just out of it and tired and irritable, so I’m just not feeling summer anymore. Personally I LOVE the fall. That crisp breeze, the crunchy leaves, TV show premieres, Halloween & Thanksgiving,  Vanilla Chai lattes from Dunkin Donuts, Uggs, scarves, boots, the list is endless! Fall fashion is way more fun to play with then summer fashion. I feel like summer is just too hot to try and be fashionable. And although I’ve tried this summer, at the end of the day I always end up in some sort of inner wear (not made for the outdoors) and a big bun that could be mistaken for a beehive! So yea to say I’m excited for fall is an understatement… fall fashion here I come!!!

My Fall Must Haves

My #1 has to be Uggs, I have been itching to rock those babies again! They are like walkin’ on a cloud!

uggs-boots3 tumblr_mbwxmxgbwB1qery84

My #2 Knit Scarves… back in the fall and winter of last year, I LIVED in scarves, I swear I have like 15 scarves (the pashmina kind, and a knit one or two), one to go with every outfit! To me they just complete a fall fashion look…I’m definitely looking to get more of these eternity type of scarves, so cozy!


My #3 Knit Over-sized Sweater; cozy and comfy for those semi chilly days and paired with leggings, well there’s your outfit! Stylish and not too out of the way to put together! Bummy yet still pulled together…what an oxymoron 😉


My #4 Moccasin Booties, I have been DYING for a pair of these! Omg paired with a cute pair or denim or black skinny jeans! AHHH love it!

reserved one day sale 5 off minnetonka brown suede fringe ankle moccasin boots size 9-f46862 images

My #5 A leather jacket… Demi Lovato is notorious for rocking a leather jacket with anything and everything (and we all know how obsessed I am with Demi Lovato.) I LOVE how she pairs it with cute printed dresses, it gives it a classy edge! Bad-ass yet girly! I’ve been looking for the perfect one…

Demi-Lovato-2 90427p4_lovato_b_gr_01

My #6 Yoga Pants, SO not only for yoga!!! They are super comfortable, and somehow manage to make your butt look good! lololol 😉


My #7 A men’s Flannel Shirt…I have been DYING for one, I think they give a girl a sort of outdoor cabin/camping vibe and I love it…too bad the last one I owned became part of my #ZombieGirl costume last Halloween… definitely need to get a new one!

um style Flannel-Shirt-Trend

My #8 Cardigans… Cardigans…Cardigans, I have a bunch of these, they are perfect for throwing over any outfit to make it more stylish, but to also keep the chill away, without having to bundle up too much!


My #9 A Denim Button Down… perfect for layering!

deminameplate   images

My #10 High waisted Jean… I need to get on this trend asap!


My #11 Hats! Accessorize!

tumblr_mrm2mrhtUF1sya6fwo1_500 0.365x365

My #12 A Corduroy Skirt… I seriously think corduroy is making a comeback!

1724000_fall_large 1042

My #13 Leather Back Pack, I tend to carry my life in my purse so something like this would be perfect to rock as my purse this fall, and its a neutral color… very practical!

tumblr_mh0zmcLC1b1qebnswo1_500 tumblr_lqugkli03X1qkkrnfo1_500

My #14 Saddle Shoes… I had a pair of these when I was a kid, and I loved them, wore them to pieces! I think I’m gonna have to invest in a pair for now! Super Cute!


My #15 Red Lipstick (pretty good all year round…but still…spruces up an outfit!)

tumblr_lvpqeeweus1qgoimao1_5001 tumblr_lj2t57b0zp1qamd14o1_1280

So there you go there’s my fall fashion wish list!

If I manage to rock any (or all) of these this fall, I’ll document and do a fashion update!

[I do not take credit for any of the images used!]


Fall ❤

demi-lovato-2011-demi-starts--large-msg-13238083694 2741756467_38858424e8




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