Tea Talk…

20130307_165301Introducing a new segment entitled “Tea Talk”.… it’s going to be implemented well, when I feel a pressing manner (regarding the progress of this blog) coming up and need to speak on it…

With that being said,  Just had a cup of tea, and need to talk…Just a writer’s thought about writing…

So with just a few more then 100 posts under my belt I still feel like I’m a blogging newbie. I haven’t gotten much feedback and I suppose that’s my fault because I don’t like to force my work upon people. I’m painfully bad at self promotion. I do however go check the traffic on my page here and there and I know I have a few readers but I never hear back from you so I don’t know if I’m doing a decent job, lol. Then again maybe my interests aren’t your cup of tea…haha pun intended! Either way for those who do keep up with me I thank you. I also ask for  your feedback. I tend to be a little all over the place when I blog and I enjoy it that way because I don’t really like having a one track mind. I love to write the more serious writer type stuff…like the poems you see on my page. Those give me such inspiration but I also love pop culture, fashion, tv, movies, music etc. My interests are vast so forgive me if I tend to switch gears every once in a while. I just feel like its more interesting that way  at least for me…as a creative mind, …when a blog only has one topic I find its difficult to keep on that track. I did that for a class of mine my last semester of college and it just became boring and so mundane. And if there’s anything that puts you in a rut it is a mundane routine. It’s seriously just asking for writer’s block! So I’m gonna mix it up more, because this blog is personal and I’m sharing my interests with you. I also need to explain that my poems aren’t always easy for me to write…there are days I can write 4 in a tea_partyday and then there are days where I just completely lack inspiration or just hate everything I’ve written. I may not know where this blog is going but I do know that it is a learning experience for me and I’m putting things out there that aren’t always easy for me to say. I’ve never really thought of myself as a “wears her heart on her sleeve” type of girl because I tend to be shy at times and often very private. But as I grow older I realize my heart is there on my sleeve and you can read it loud and clear if you look close enough. Compassion is something I think my heart is driven by and I think because of that it allows me to play certain roles when I write. Not everything I right is necessarily from personal experience but it’s a matter of diving into that mindset of someone who has gone through whatever it is I’m writing about, and writing for them, writing what maybe they cant say. I may not always get it right and my celebrity fluff pieces may throw you off track a little bit, but when I have something important to say I’ll say it, a writer can’t always spill their guts out to complete strangers 24/7…or maybe they can, I just choose not to. I think part of being a writer is embracing the different emotions of life, writing doesn’t always have to be so serious and dramatic, it can be fun, it can be simple. That’s why I love writing my celebrity fluff pieces, it reminds me of  writing for a magazine or something, it’s fun…so sue me! lol. Regardless of the content, whether it be heartfelt poetry or simple pop culture, hopefully those who can understand and relate…listen. This blog has become my best friend, it’s like a diary I know I can look back on and be proud of, because I took a risk. Anyway here’s to mixing it up and I hope those who do read along stick with me and those who don’t… tag along…I promise to write with a pure heart after all this is “a safe place for the written word.” And it’s important to remember that compassion is key, you never know what someone may be dealing with, you never know what their story is, so be mindful not to jump to conclusions. Be kind and considerate of those other hearts worn upon sleeves, because even though they may be willing to be an open book, they aren’t to be nor should they be walked all over. You are how you treat people, if you are kind, that makes you a kind person, if you are not maybe you need to reevaluate. If anything out of 3 semesters of philosophy stuck it is the concept of the Golden Rule- “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”.. . in other words treat others how you’d like to be treated…in all of life’s lessons and all of life’s hardships that is the easiest thing to understand and the easiest to do.

…just a few thoughts I had to get out there…

 always be compassionate. always be kind. always be creative. always tea & talk. 😉




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