Slowly Recovering…

Ok…Deep breath in…now Exhale…Now it’s two days later and all my tears have dried…but even still this “Reunion” has been “Tearin’ up my heart” (and not in a good way). I needed a day to process and I’m still confused and sad. I was so excited for the reunion…and we all know just what reunion I’m referring to, yes the highly anticipated *NSYNC reunion at this year’s 2013 Vmas. And that’s *NSYNC as in JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake. Yea that’s FIVE guys, not just one.2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage


My viewing party…my cupcakes said Happy *NSYNC DAY, and one specific cupcake said Go J.T. (to show my support) clearly I’m a dork! #judgeme

But as I geared myself up, into an *NSYNC frenzy and prepped myself by watching old DVDs and listening to my *NSYNC playlist on repeat, it would appear that my worst fear came true. The fear that this so called “reunion” was short lived.

I think a part of me deep down knew this would happen, especially when you get your hopes up so high and all you expected to happen… well doesn’t. And you’re left feeling sad and empty, and almost disrespected as a fan.

Let me clarify before I dive in any further…I did not dislike the performance. It was brilliant in its own right. Justin basically put on a mini concert at the Vmas and normally I would bow down to his greatness. (Despite the terrible sound system at Barclays and sloppy camera work…the performance rolled on through.)

He did tweet how this was an unforgetable night for him and thanked MTV for the honor

He did tweet how this was an unforgettable night for him and thanked MTV for the honor

As a major Justin fan, I have always defended him in everything he’s ever done, because I think he’s brilliant.

But I have to say that if he had plans to include the boys in his big night as the recipient for the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, I would have expected a massive reunion, and not just the cheap 90 seconds we got. To me it was over before it started…blink and you missed it. He had a 15 minute slot, and yet he chose to sing almost every big solo song he’s ever had, and then just squeezed the boys in just to appease people’s expectations that he would acknowledge them.

Now I’ve never really seen Justin as a people pleaser, he does what he wants when he wants and when he feels he’s ready, (hence the reason he made us wait 7 years for this damn album, which is brilliant and counting of course) which in this business is admirable. But because of this I have been conditioned as his fan, to expect greatness from him, and when you bring back a boy band from the 90’s and the media hypes up a reunion…it is your job to honor that hype, honor the legacy you’ve left behind.

As an artist I feel like Justin had to know the insane response an *NSYNC reunion would get, and how billions of fans and media people would hype it up which of course would lead to the asking of a reunion tour. So why not deliver in a way that would make fans happy…fans that have followed you from day one.

Ever since *NSYNC’s breakup (due to Justin going solo) hopeful fans have been continuously shot down, when reunion questions would arise. I may be wrong but to the audience’s eye, it seems Justin Timberlake feels shamed by his past with the legendary boy band. Which honestly to me, doesn’t make much since. If it weren’t for *NSYNC he wouldn’t be the star studded JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE he is today. You have to start from somewhere.105_nsync_640

I’m a big believer in remembering where you come from and appreciating the people who got you where you need to be…I truly was excited for the *NSYNC reunion and I think the boys rocked it but JUSTIN had a 15 minute set, he could have given them more time…I love you J.T. but that was cold and now I’m just dealing with sadness as I know a lot of other fans are too. I would have liked a longer reunion but for the time they were given, each of them did their thing, and did it well, and needless to say I got my synchronized dance moves! And props to JC for his little “baby baby baby” run at the end, yea boy get yours! You still got it! However, the set list left much to be desired…with a fragment of “Gone,” a few bars of “Girlfriend” and in typical *NSYNC fashion “Bye Bye Bye” was their exit song.  The boys exited the stage the same way they entered, descending into the stage amongst the bright blinding lights. I thought at first the boys were going to stay and perform “Suit & Tie” with him, but no such luck. To me it just seemed like a snub, like a “Well I’d be painfully degraded by the world if I don’t at least acknowledge them…so here’s 90 seconds.” I just feel like if it was just going to be a quick snip it, or a snippet if you will, then why do it at all? Why get the world so amped up and ready for a “Reunion” something hardcore fans like myself have been waiting for, for over a decade!

Did you see my girls fangirling... super cute!

Did you see my girls fangirling… super cute!

I feel like I would have been happier if Justin either did it all the way, and gave them the time they deserved or just acknowledged them in speech and just kept it a solo set. Because truthfully it just hurt to see *NSYNC not get the time they deserved. However I will not knock the Justin set completely because it was amazing and his solo music is something to be honored and rightfully so. There were beautiful moments that I loved, I loved the Rapper’s Delight throwback dance break, and the Jackson 5 meets MJ inspired back beats. I loved the little senorita audience sing along, and 130826-Justin-Timberlake-VMAsthe “Cry Me a River” performance that made us all understand why Justin Timberlake is the sole creator of the world’s greatest break-up anthem, as the crowd’s arms were up in the air. The Justin solo set was a medley of amazingness, but half of that show stopping performance should have included *NSYNC and a larger medley of their hit songs. (what happened to the oldies…”I want you back,” “Tearin up my heart” “This I promise you” “It’s gonna be me” “POP!” ) Like are you kidding me!???

Like Justin said half the moonmen he’s won were when he was with *NSYNC.5356777-Justin-Timberlake-and-Sync-to-Reunite-at Granted maybe I’m being too hard on him, he did thank them (sloppy camera work seriously they didn’t even pan over to them during his speech!) and word on the street is he did call and ask them to be apart of this. But there were just little things that just made me feel like Justin wasn’t as happy to reunite with his former boy band as his former band-mates were to reunite with him. Each member tweeted thank yous to their dedicated fans for the kind responses to their *NSYNC performance…except Justin. Also the guys tweeted each other (including Timberlake) to say how great it was to be back together again. In fact aside from a quick pic post on his Facebook page, he hasn’t mentioned it since. And that picture I’m referring to…1234460_10151618796847098_997616228_n

Seriously, he’s covering his face, like I don’t know about you guys, maybe I’m reading too much into things, but all the guys are joking and goofing around and his body language basically says “Oh I’m not here.” I will never understand if he truly is ashamed of being apart of the boy band. I get it your doing your own thing now but it’s not like *NSYNC should ever be ashamed of their success, nor should Justin be ashamed to have been a part of it. Granted maybe the cornrows and crazy curly hair and leather outfits were a bit too much. But that was the 90’s! And that’s how things were, it’s not to be disappointed in, it’s to be remembered and joked about.

You know they could have said no, but they did it to honor him and his success as a solo artist, which is why those boys are a true class act. Can I just say when *NSYNC came off stage and each of them did their little wave to the camera, I fell in love all over again. I miss them…2001 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

I took to twitter to hash out all my aggression, basically tweeting away my feelings. I am wayyy to emotional over this “reunion.” But I’m not the only one! Glad to know there are other fan girls out there feeling similar to how I feel. I feel like we’ve been waiting for *NSYNC to make a comeback for so long, especially since it’s the resurrection of the boy band error, what with Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and even Boys II Men reuniting and touring. (Clearly I have A LOT of feelings about this reunion!) I think everyone just put all their faith in this VMA reunion. And we secretly hoped for more, hoped that maybe it would lead to new music and maybe even a tour. I thought it unlikely, but I always secretly hoped. But when the boys took the stage Justin repeatedly said “Last One,” like as in last time *NSYNC will ever be *NSYNC? To me that’s what he was saying.

Never the less there are ways to be a “boy” band and still be grown men, it doesn’t have to be cheesy, BSrs82GCUAI8bu4hell those tuxes were sharp, synchronized dance moves are the shit… and those boys still got it! *NSYNC reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of a time where I didn’t know of stress or anxiety, it was a simpler time. I feel like now with college officially over and me trying to find my next move, I’ve been searching for a way to turn back time. To a time where everything was easy and everything was safe.

I was about 8 when I got their first album. About 10 when I got to see them in concert. The “No Strings Attached” Tour was my first concert ever. And I was probably about 11 or 12 when they started to wrap their last album and ended their run due to Justin going solo. Mind you I thought “Justified” was supposed to just be like a side project and that *NSYNC would be back…but yea that didn’t go as planned…hey when you’re that successful solo who needs 4 other guys taking away the spotlight huh Justin? I’m sorry that was a bit uncalled for, but I guess I’m still working through the pain.

I think it’s safe to say, when the *NSYNC VMA reunion rumors began to swirl fan girls everywhere were searching for that nostalgic presence. Especially when Lance Bass tweeted *NSYNC had their own official twitter account. 577773_10201491555671982_1536009585_nAfter that tweet (if not before) I think we all thought “it’s on! This is happening.” Fans knew, and even though denies were made by Joey Fatone and even Lance Bass himself, it was all part of what was meant to be a surprise. Surely this “reunion” was the worst kept secret!

Once again…I’m not saying *NSYNC and Justin’s performance weren’t amazing, they definitely were, but I just felt like Justin jipped them, it just hurts my heart and I can’t handle it! As long as *NSYNC feels they were honored properly I guess I can forgive Justin, or at least start to, I guess I just miss them. And granted Justin was always a favorite, but they were just a packaged deal, they were beloved and always will be! They each brought their own talent to the group, and fit so well.ABC_nsync_jef_130825_16x9_992

45717_1573211691404_5020058_nI swear anyone who reads this or who has read my twitter for the past two days must think I am a complete psycho (and maybe I am) or must think I hate Justin Timberlake, lol (and I really don’t, I’m actually insanely in love with him). 1150959_10201478198818069_440676695_nBut that love affair started with *NSYNC first so I’m just a little pissed at him at the moment, and he and I are gonna need a break, I need my space haha… no but seriously. 😉 I feel as though because I’m such a hardcore dedicated fan, I have the right to my opinions, lol. But at least the boys had good things to say about being a part of Justin’s moment, and how being back together feels like nothings changed, although we know so much has… :/ (way to exclude them from your wedding guest list bro). As for any reunion rumors I highly doubt it will ever happen again. Because, upon my twitter scanning of article upon article displaying each members views on the possibility once again most of the boys seemed down for it; Joey reportedly saying “Let’s go on tour now!” Chris “I’m not saying it’s never going to happen,” and Lance saying “it would be lovely, but we have no plans.” The only definite no’s would be JC who shot the idea down quickly revealing this was all in support of Justin’s big night, and clearly judging my Justin’s continuous actions he doesn’t ever seem interested in the idea as a full frontal/ long lasting commitment  to the group that paved the way to his solo success. Don’t bite the hand that “fed” you my friend.

I don’t know maybe I’ll fully be able to forgive him once 2020 Vol. 2 serenades me with its greatness. But who knows maybe one day another 10 years (you know when I’m 32 and the guys are in their late 40’s/early 50’s) from now Justin will come to his senses. As for now I’m not holding my breath for any future reunions, but I look forward to what the future holds for each member of the greatest boy band of all time; *NSYNC.

Baby NSYNC <3

As per usual even in anger I’m still a Justin supporter so…pre-order Vol. 2 now on iTunes, The 20/20 Experience Vol. 2 is out September 30th, with songs featuring Drake and Jay-Z, and Target Special Edition including two extra bonus tracks “Blindness” and “Electric Lady.”justin-timberlake-2020-exprience-double-edition-album-art

 Also… congrats on your wins, Justin racked up 3 out of 6 wins…

(p.s. where was the wife during J.T.’s big night? Thankfully they were seen at an after party together, so hopefully she was backstage. But even so shouldn’t she have been there to support her man? I mean get over it the world knows your married, act like it!)


Best editing; mirrors

Best direction;  suit and tie

Video of the year; mirrors

(The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award… puts him at 4… he definitely stole the show,

and weather or not we agree on his intentions toward the *NSYNC guys I will always be proud of his accomplishments)

And quick side note, the fact that Jimmy Fallon presented him with the award was pretty amazing and just perfect, they are such good friends and his speech was as adorable as he is! Love you Jimmy!


One Direction Fans brace yourselves…every boy band comes to an end…

One day this will be you, lol

So my advice to you, Enjoy it while it lasts, and fan girl as hard as you can!


Forever a Fan

And once again the sole purpose of this blog post was to show case a true fan’s true perspective.  I do not ignore Justin’s ode to the boys nor to I not understand the fact that he did include them in his speech. I just feel that it was a bit forced and lacked genuine intentions, and that, had the 15 minute time slot been used more wisely, it would have made for a more suitable reunion.

(I do not take credit for any images of *NSYNC or of Justin, etc.)

-Rant Over-


3 thoughts on “Slowly Recovering…

  1. You are such a talented writer..btw…I think he is embarrassed of his past. Boy bands always get made fun of and he is such a huge artist now that he doesn’t wanna be associated with “boy band”. Anyway….I love Joey Fatone!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this! but hopefully one day he realizes they got him where he is today (and hopefully he is more humble about his past) … and Joey is adorable! 😀

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