DIY Fringe Top

I have been dying to post this but, I actually made this shirt to attend a superhero themed surprise birthday party my brother’s girlfriend was throwing him. And I didn’t want post this before the party and blow the surprise, so I’ve been waiting! (Mind you he’s 27, but who says you can’t be a big kid, and still love superheros right!) lol. Any way I wanted to be festive and wear a superhero tee, but I also wanted to spruce it up and make it more me…

So I found this justice league super hero graphic tee in Kohl’s for $10, I knew I wanted to try this fringe top idea out, so I bought a men’s tee (which was inexpensive) … I got the size large because it fit nice, but still not too big, but just enough to have room to work with and have it fit like a real shirt once I finished my fringing 😉 However if you want more of a loose fitted fringe crop top vibe, I advise getting the bigger size.


Definitely try the shirt on first before any cutting, in order to judge what you want to do, and how you want to do it


About to make the first cut…the collar



And now the back collar



Repeat cut on left sleeve


Onto the bottom hem…



Fringe Time…


I basically cut the fringes the width of my thumb as I moved it to cut each piece, that was my measurement in a way… Just don’t make them too thick, or too thin…but even if you mess up it’s supposed be a rustic type of shirt so nothing needs to be perfect


After every major length adjustment, it’s best to try your shirt on, to judge it’s progress


Cutting the full sleeve off…


All you need are some scissors…and it’s a whole new shirt!




After…. now you can leave a shorter sleeve or you can cut the sleeves off completely, depends of your style preference, I opted for the sleeveless 😀


Final Fringe Top

This fringe top idea is just a really great and easy way to spruce up a fun graphic tee. It is quite the process, but very manageable for anyone who knows how to hold a scissor!  However, you only get one shot to make those major cuts…so work steadily and be mindful! Fortunately I was happy with my final result, (and got a lot of compliments) but there was definitely a few bumps in the road. For instance when cutting off the collar cut along the seem. Do NOT cut the actual seem, because then it begins to fray and it’s just messy. And you end up having to cut off more. Also when making the fringe cuts try to pay attention to how far you extend them (at the top) …I realized later on that I started off high and then just got decreasingly lower lol, so it looked like a slant. But if that happens to you, it’s really simple to fix just extend the top fringe cuts to match the rest.  Enjoy! And I recently bought this really cool “wolves howling at the moon” Indian vibe type shirt from a recent street feast, and I bought it big, so I’m thinking of crop topping it, or fringing it. I haven’t decided yet but I’ll let you know how it comes out!


Just a pic of me rockin’ my fringe top at the party, and twinning w/ my bestie, see shirts can be rocked differently! Try it yourself!


p.s. sorry for the crappy quality of my photos I need to get on buying a new camera, one of these days!


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