Life Lesson 101…Stay Humble


In the world we live in today

it’s a very pop culture centric place

a lot of things and life itself circle around media and “celebrity”

and I’m no exception

I fangirl with the rest of the world over artists I love

I tweet

I facebook

I instagram

it’s part of the generation we live in, I guess

social media has in some sense taken over the world

and you are somehow thought of as “weird” or “not with the times” if you don’t have all these different portals that which just keep from allowing face to face communication

“Weird” that word makes me laugh, I love it! I love being weird. I think normal just lumps you in with the rest of the world

I can’t sit here and be hypocritical though, I mean I have this blog which I am writing on my computer as we speak

So I understand the ways of communication have changed

But I just felt myself slipping away into a place where I’ve become more concerned about the lives of celebrities then my own

Because of this space we live in

and it’s a superficial culture at that

Don’t get me wrong

I’m guilty of it too

“Miley Cyrus is a slut”

“Ryan Gosling is a hot piece”

“Jay z this…

Beyonce that”

blah blah blah…

I’ve fallen into that realm of thinking often

That’s pop culture for ya

it surrounds you in every way, everyday

and I don’t think it’s wrong to partake in pop culture

especially if you enjoy it

if you enjoy an artist’s music

or admire someone’s sense of style

but it also isn’t cool to forget who you are

and what your values are

and what should be valued in life which is the character of a person

and their ability to remain humble in the face of glory and fame.

In a world where celebrity is all that counts

and money and fame are sought after

Remember there was a time where family and brotherhood/sisterhood mattered most

Remember where you come from

Remember who molded you

Remember when the “stage” was shared

and others cheered you on

be not afraid to be grateful

Because arrogance isn’t sexy

Neither is being cocky

There’s a certain level on confidence I suppose an entertainer should embody

But the line between confidence and cockiness can easily blur

and you need to check that

and reevaluate

Some are just easily more accepted

and carry a certain creative gift

But others were there when that gift wasn’t always instantly appreciated

A time when you had to prove yourself to the world

But fame and friends in high places have changed your views

and you’ve forgotten were you started

It’s sad don’t you see

How humble you used to be

Only Humble now is a vacant word

and it feels as though acting is getting easier

and You’ve been easily playing me

Celebrities want attention

they want fame

and just because you are granted that

doesn’t give you the right to belittle others

especially others who paved your way

Because fame can fade as quick as it comes

and friends and family may not always be forgiving

Fans are people too

and they need to be heard and understood

Just as much as you do

Your silence speaks louder than your words

and it’s easy to read between the lines

it’s a shame humble has been given new fake meaning

or was it always this way

and we just never saw it

blind to the facade in front of us

and overcome by the charm you threw out into the universe

be creative but be kind

and keep it humble

because no one likes a cocky bastard…

you know its strange by no means am I a Kanye West fan, but he gets so much shit for being cocky and conceded (much like the tons of rappers out there who act the same way). But at least he doesn’t fake being humble. He’s a cocky asshole and we all know it and he knows it. So at the end of the day you can’t really totally blame him (I mean you can, but you know what I mean). I just feel like there are certain celebrities and I won’t mention specific names (let’s just say I’ve recently dedicated a very large post to his lack of respect toward a certain group of friends) but I am still a fan of his work and am trying to just put all that crap behind me. But I just feel like if you come off as this humble, funny, caring guy and the world loves you. And talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon who you know for a fact are sweet people (because their line of work allows their true personality to shine through)  love you and rave about you, you think they are good wholesome people. But when humble becomes an act there is a problem , and I don’t know about you guys but I think it’s a problem that needs addressing. Because I’d rather not waste my time being a huge fan of someone who isn’t truly appreciative of those around them. Because at the end of the day it’s about admiring a person’s character, I think that’s what I need to start idolizing, or maybe not idolize as much as respect or admire. Sure I thought I “idolized” certain celebrities because of their talent or their sense of fashion, but all of that becomes superficial and irrelevant if you find out they aren’t who they claim or seem to be. Or if you just simply find out, they aren’t good people. So my advice to you, admire and respect the people who share the beauty of their heart with you. They are the true beautiful souls, they are the ones who deserve the awards.  I think that’s what I’m going to start doing, not necessarily idolizing anyone, but respecting them for their character and admiring them for who they are as a person with a caring heart. And I understand celebrities are people too and just like us they have good days and bad days, and they aren’t always perfect. I mean it isn’t their job to live a life to please us. But I just can’t understand how you expect a fans respect if your intentions don’t always appear genuine. Enough of this artificial fame bull crap. I’m over it! I will always remain a fan of a person’s craft, but I need to stop the idolizing and stop putting them at a higher standard then they deserve to be. I need to just enjoy their craft for what it is, which is good music to listen to. That’s the thing about celebrities, they get caught up and don’t realize their fans are people just like them. It’s frustrating because they get to say what they want and feel while fans have to try and throw vibes out there into the universe that never get picked up or responded to. And I don’t know about you guys but I don’t like to be ignored. I have a brain and I have thoughts that matter just like the rest of the fans or artists out there.  And I’m not talking about celebrities ignoring fans via social media, I mean out of billions of followers on twitter and busy schedules, I don’t expect a tweet back.  But I just feel like when they have a certain level of power and by power I mean influence due to their social status, I think they ignore the chance to speak out accordingly through the available forums they have access to. For instance, don’t ignore fans concerns, address them publicly instead of playing coy and sidestepping the issue. And at the end of the day we are all people, and God created us in the same way; equally, and no one is better then the next, your shit stinks just like the rest of us. (Sorry that was my Brooklyn showing, what up?)

P.S. Just as a side note this goes for all celebrities not just the ones I mentioned or danced around mentioning…see fans can be coy too  😉

#bekind #becreative and #alwaysstayhumble


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