Lizzie McGuire; the original trendsetter

Lizzie McGuire... get inside her head!

Lizzie McGuire… get inside her head!

I was obsessed with Lizzie McGuire when I was in middle school, with all her funky clothes, hairdo’s and funny antics. I was always trying to wear things that I thought looked similar to her style even though I always felt like I looked more like Miranda, lol. 043e1fdb1c8ab67c712ef95889c6a03e7c1526c1Mismatched patterns, clunky shoes, colorful hair and hair pins, and funky book bags and purses were a thing of my generation! I’ll never forget I had this orange and white tie dye shirt and I loved it because I thought it looked like Lizzie’s shirt in the beginning credits only she wears it in blue! Lol, I was quite infatuated.r509449_2746891 I remember dying to try to get my hair to do that whole typical very Lizzie style, you know the whole bangs out, headband on thing. I don’t think i ever could get it quite right! I even wished for my own phone in my room, because of her, Gordo, and Miranda’s three-way phone calls! haha To me Lizzie was the original trendsetter, a girl who was close to our age, that we could relate to. And let’s do a quick shout out to the little tumblr_m5dlrjOtzw1qgwqw9o1_500Lizzie cartoon, she was hysterical, and now that I’m older I sit back and think, wow that was a really clever way for them to create her word bubble…she acted as Lizzie’s inner thoughts. Really cool!  I loved Lizzie, and so did my friends, every time there was a new episode my friends and I would watch it together. She was kind of a big deal for us! lol

I just gotta do a little Lizzie McGuire fav moments…real quick

Lizzie tries out for Best Dressed #styleshack


Lizzie’s Nancy Drew Whodunnit #jealousgordo


Lizzie gets  Zombie Clowned… #paybacksaB-kate


Lizzie’s Eleven #lizzie’sjamesbondmission #operationyearbookpics

I was in love with Lizzie’s outfit here #stayin’alive


Matt & Lenny’s Club Flamingo… #gordoandlizziehaveamoment


Those are some of my all time favorite eps…now onto the FASHION!!!!

Those crazy mismatched colors and patterns!

tumblr_mpqkhnm5iD1qho36to1_500 tumblr_mc9zfmT6ig1qzl1oeo1_500

Hair hair hair! (Lizzie (and Miranda) started that color trend)



Holy Crimping… ya’ll remember that?


Workin’ them bandana’s

tumblr_mmslon29Jj1r6qodso1_500 lm11


Yea Ok Lizzie 😉

Ok “Over Outtie” …

Keep Calm and Love Lizzie



HAHAHAHA my thoughts exactly Miranda! #NSYNC #mygirl

[I take no credit for any of the images used!]


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