Beauty is Pain

“Heels are a male’s invention to make a woman’s butt look smaller

and to make it harder for them to run away”- She’s the Man

**Huh, Why would they want to make it smaller???? #babygotback** 😛

Heels… the last piece of an outfit, a way to nicely tie it up, to pull everything  together.

I love heels, but I wish I could say I love them enough to wear them throughout life, often times I can’t even make it through a night! lol

I remember going to my classes and seeing some girls in heels like… it’s a Wednesday afternoon and your sitting in a classroom, what’s with the heels? I just never understood the reasoning behind it. Oh… fashion statement…that’s it!

It’s not that I don’t like adding a little heel to an outfit, I’ve just never been the shoe obsessed type of girl. And I do think there is a time and a place for the heel. Sometimes sitting in the middle of a film class just doesn’t call for a stiletto. Hell at least not for me. I’d rather not have my feet killing me, and having to worry about trying not to be clumsy!  I’d rather rock my flats and be able to do what I have to do, or in the case of an event (where rocking heels makes more sense) dance and truly enjoy myself…

But then again, as a girly girl I do understand, that sometimes an outfit just needs heels! Heels make an outfit go from cute to sexyyy!

And let’s be honest ladies…that’s a good feeling! 😉

Heels complete an outfit <3

Heels complete an outfit ❤

So my advice? Wear the heels (maybe not to school,) BUT bring BACKUP FLATS!!!! Trust me it’ll save your life (and your pinky toes!)

What can I say I was raised a practical chick! lol

However, shout out to all my girls who can rock heels to the fullest!

I applaud you!

She's wears heels like it's a sport: Lauren Nicole Photograph by Robert DeSantos Jr.

She wears heels like it’s a sport;         My girl- Lauren Nicole
Photograph by Robert DeSantos Jr.

Some of my favorite heels <3

Some of my favorite heels ❤

Strut off, and dance the night away (with or without your heels!)


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