My 2020 Experience… Volume 2

Long Time no see, eh?

Let’s get down to business…

As you know… (that is if you keep up with me,) you know I had some recent reservations about the very charming Mr. Justin Timberlake.  However, I have moved passed it, and am back to loving him full throttle. So with that being said, time and space (however little) and a new perspective can go along way. LOL. (yes I’m crazy, deal with it!)

Here it goes!



The last time I reviewed Justin’s Music was for the release of The 2020 Experience Volume 1.  Well now I’m back here reviewing the second Volume. Last time, I did quite the extensive review, putting a lot of effort into trying to dissect each beat, each song, each lyric, and why he wrote each song. And although it was fun, it was also really time consuming and took up like 4 posts. And although I don’t mind doing that again, I  thought I’d try doing something a little different. I’m going to try and sum up each song in one well crafted, well thought out, well described sentence (or two, lol. ) And that’s it. I feel this is more of a challenge in a way, because when I’m given all the room in the world, I know I can take off running and tend to ramble. It’s much harder to be constricted to a few sentences.  All you need to include is what really matters, the root of the song, the root of how it makes you feel. Your instant initial thought whatever the case. And through that sentence(s) you will be able to find out how I feel about each song…and hey if it’s a run on sentence, well hell then you know it’s a favorite! haha… 😉 let’s do this!

It all started with  this video


then later on we got a glimpse of the track list via small videos on instagram

And now upon the releases of singles “Tack back the night” and “TKO”, and introductions to songs like “True Blood” “Only When I Walk

Away” and “Amnesia” the world has been anxiously awaiting this day!

iTunes had been streaming it for free all last week, and it was a beautiful thing. I’ve been listening to it and I’ve already got a few favorites! I have to say that my initial reaction was “Oh wow, this is funky, this is different…but I don’t mind.” However, I reserved the bonus tracks for today I still have not heard them yet but I will be going for my copy in a few hours and will update. I wanted to leave myself a little something for the release day, ya know?

I’ve * my favorites for y’all, but let’s be honest in a few weeks I’m sure I’ll have new favorites!

Track 1:

Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)

A man who doesn’t know what he wants, until a woman tells him; animal love meets lust between a lady and a gentleman.

Track 2:

True Blood

Some Count Dracula Shit; The involuntary pull toward a devilish seductress, who will ruin you.

Track 3:

Cabaret ft. Drake *

This song is just like adultery, it’s an affair for your ears… Put me in a club right NOW; Drake’s verse is like holy sex! lol

Track 4:

TKO… Y’all know this one right?

“Mirrors” Reversed; Instead of being his other half, she took away a part of him and knocked him out, (on his ass).

Track 5:

Take Back the Night… Y’all know this one too right??

Feel good attraction; one great night you want to relive forever…“Don’t stop til you get enough” reincarnated.

Track 6:

Murder ft. Jay Z *

Put me in a club for this one too…SEX(Y)… enough said

Track 7:

Drink You Away

Country vibe; vocals are brilliant the high pitched notes and raspy rifts and undertones are gold….seriously though Justin could sell me on a country album, I think it’d actually work!

Track 8:

You Got It On (* Instant Favorite)

Janet Jackson Shit; in the words of the song “Sounds like falling in love.” This song literally makes you fall in love, like can I get a guy like this, Justin why don’t you have a twin or a 20 something year old brother who looks just like you???

Track 9:

Amnesia *

Insane Love that you almost have to will yourself to forget just to be able to get over it; (*cough cough*) Britney Spears is the stranger that he used to know. (ok i may be reaching a bit, but c’mon! take a listen and you’ll see it!)

Track 10:

Only When I Walk Away

Pissed off, punch someone in the face type of song; You don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone, this song made me nervous when I first heard it, like a new aged “Cry me a river” if you wanna go that far, maybe you don’t, eh whatever lol.

Track 11:

Not a Bad Thing (*Instant Favorite) I don’t know which I love more this or “You Got It On” it’s like insanity!

Ok THIS is a song that really makes you want to be in love right now at this very moment. It’s a beautiful uplifting wrap up to this aggressive half of The 2020 Experience, which I thought was really clever on Justin’s part.

>>> there’s a hidden track called “Pair of Wings,” near the end of “Not a Bad Thing”, and the lyrics and sentiment are just beautiful.

Justin Talks 2020 vol. 2…. various quotes about the new continuation…

“The songs that I released in March just reminded me of summertime a little bit more and the songs that are coming out this month felt a little darker so they made me feel like… the fall/winter collection.” Compared it to fashion; musical fashion that’s gorgeous!

“The first (album) is a little more summertime; it’s a little more virginal. The second half is a just a little more…slutty.”

“If you could imagine you’re 16 and she’s everything you thought. She’s Marilyn Monroe and then you meet her older sister; everything that’s dark and wrong about her at that age is why you become infatuated with her.”

“The first half that was released in March that’s the freshmen love, you fall in love with the girl in your biology class, so you wanna go over to her house to have dinner and impress her parents, and then when  you get there you realize she has an older sister that’s like a senior, like dark hair, tattoo, and she gives you that look like I’ll turn you out, that’s the second half, it’s just a little darker, it’s not like on purpose… just sonically…it’s darker… it’s got a little more urgency…”

I will say this…that parental advisory serves right hahaha…. #explicit yo!

Target **Bonus Tracks** First listennnnnn!!!!!! jdhfjkdhfkdh


A fantasy…something that you lose yourself in; an out of body experience because of someone new.

Electric Lady

Energetic love that keeps on going; it’s spark worthy; there’s a jolt between two.


Geekin Out…Feels like Deja Vu… p.s. look at that display!




Collection Complete ❤

So being that Justin is pretty much EVERYWHERE these days it’s hard to keep up, starting with #TimberlakeTuesdays on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon all throughout the month of September, to various radio and television appearances, to a special surprise Target performance in New Jersey (i was so pissed he tweeted the address too late!), to the iHeartRadio show (which is airing in a 2 night special starting tonight at 8 on the CW, I’ve seen Justin’s performance and it’s pretty freakin’ ballin’), to shutting down Hollywood Blvd. to perform a mini set list for Jimmy Kimmel Live to the iTunes Festival. So as you can see this post would be bombarded with youtube links (even more then there already are, lol), so I’m going to make it easier for everyone and give you the quick links to where I keep myself updated on all things Justin!

*For a closer look at 2020 Vol 2 visit

*For all Justin lyrics click HERE

*For all of Justin’s recent appearances and other news visit 

They are a LIFE saver 😉

Also to listen to 2020 Vol 2 click each title,

or get your ass out there and go out and buy it, or ya know download it if you’re into that shit 😉

jess in a cage ellen jt

I think that all in all the decision to stagger the release dates was a brilliant idea. I feel like the two albums stand very well on their own. They are very different sounds, and I feel like it was the perfect time to release the new record, because Part 1 had set in, and we had become quite comfortable, we felt safe…and we needed a new slap in the ass. I do feel like the first half is quieter, lighter, sweeter, a lot about love being a drug, and this is kind of the other side of the coin, it’s the morning after you take the drug, the morning after the one night stand. Although I felt like Part 1 was completely new and inventive with remnants of his old vibes, but it was difficult to know what he would come out with after 7 years. So I feel like Part 2 wasn’t as amplified, like I knew I loved Part 1 so I knew I’d love Part 2. If I could describe the experience listening to Part 2, I would say first I wanted to  dance, then I wanted to punch someone, and then I wanted to cry, it’s just crazy! But I do think Part 2 plays with his vocals a lot more. There’s a lot of R&B soul vibes, which I find a gorgeous choice given his vocal ability. I also see he’s doing a lot of the “sexy back” vocals through the guitar amp, type thing. Which makes for a lot of new raw material. It’s exciting to have more music, and it never ceases to amaze me, just how thorough he is, in everything he does. I may not always agree with his personal preferences in life, but in music, I’ve learned to trust him, because truth be told; he’s a musical genius!

The album in it’s entirety (both parts) is BOSS!

P.S. Celebrate #JustinDay by watching his release party on ELLEN! on NBC @ 4 (for those who missed it like me; got stuck in damn traffic on the way to buying the cd…but watevs…watch here)

And I leave you with this beautiful gem, that has made me laugh hysterically #fordaysss, #LOLOLOLOLOLOL….

cuz I do love a good #!

And for all those trying to get tickets to the 2020 world tour…it’s really impossible I’ve been trying for days pre-sales, general public sales, it’s tough, but I’m not giving up hope….I WILL get tickets if it’s the last thing I do!!!!

And LAST but not least…

don’t forget RUNNER RUNNER October 4th!


Night Folks!


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