Have Commercials Gone Too Far?

I’ve been wanting to shed a light on a specific commercial for a while, but it just kept slipping my mind. But when I lose poetry momentum, I start to think back and wonder if there was something I was meaning to touch upon, but just forget about. That’s usually when I sift through all the memos on my phone. There’s usually always something written in there, that I can elaborate on.

So here’s the commercial in question

I remember the first time I saw it, I was kind of just like wait a second this is daytime television, is it not? It’s the middle of the day and this is just casually being played. At first glance it’s humorous, the blatant promiscuity showcased in the coverings of the male and female parts. But then the more it would play, the more pissed I would get. I mean, I have a lot of young cousins, I have a god daughter who’s a baby. What if when she’s a little older she’s home watching her kiddie shows and something like this crap comes on. Really was there no other way to make that commercial? Was there a need to have a condom commercial AT ALL?!? Contraception and it’s need to be used as a form of protection should be taught in health classes in schools and advised by a child’s parents at the proper time. It should not be glossed over in a overly sexualized commercial.

It completely disregards a parent’s right to parent their children on their own, when tv comes in and ruins all you’ve tried to instill in your children. Now mind you, I understand that it is a parent’s job to monitor what their child watches, but like I said it’s a commercial that is shown on regular stations in the middle of the day. You have no control over a commercial coming on like that.

I remember my mom telling me, how when she was a kid they wouldn’t dare make any sexually suggestive commercials. They wouldn’t even have bra commercials and if they did the bra was displayed on a mannequin torso. There weren’t even Tampax or pad commercials around! That’s how far we’ve fallen.


I mean really???? are they kidding me!

I feel like this whole world is completely sexualized. Whatever you can make the argument that sex sells, and in all honesty I’m almost positive that’s true. As a 22 year old I understand the appeal. But I also think there are better ways to talk about sex. This new aged way of thinking completely demeans it, and I know I may sound like a serious tool, but I don’t think it’s a topic that should be taken lightly or made fun of. It’s an expression of loving someone not lusting after someone, there is a difference. I think it’s serious and I think if more people looked at it from that angle, then maybe they wouldn’t be left feeling so horrible about themselves after they are treated disrespectfully by a sexual partner; and that goes for both genders.

I’m not naive, I realize many young people today think hey its just sex what’s the big deal. Well that’s a huge problem, it shouldn’t be that easy. I could never understand how people could build up so many walls emotionally and yet let just anyone tear them down physically. I think if you can’t trust a person with your heart, why the hell would you trust them with your body!

Like I said….there’s a time and a place for sexual innuendo, please I am the first person to throw out a “that’s what she said” joke, because it’s harmless… But I just think media has distorted what sex should mean. And I for one do not want the next generation to suffer the consequences.


Old Soul-ed Concerned Future Parent

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