Mysterious Attraction

So I’ve kinda been into Joseph Gordon Levitt lately, saw Don Jon, and recently caught him on Katie Couric’s show, and found out dude has his own production company called Hit RECord, where he takes submissions from all over the internet. It’s actually a really cool concept, may consider joining the site to see how it plays out. Anyway he does little challenges where he’ll throw out an idea for writers, visual artists, musicians, etc. Anyone can participate and it’s really interesting to see the interaction process. Any who I had seen a video he posted as a challenge for writer’s (i think it might have been an older post) but the challenge was basically to just write dialogue, two people, no names, no actions, just dialogue. Being that I LOVE to write dialogue, (maybe a little too much) and I thought it was such a cool idea, I thought I’d give it a shot on my own. The dialogue sample Levitt used was really interesting, very conspicuous; you can draw some conclusions of your own as to what it’s about. But it’s really left up to interpretation, which I find so intriguing. So that’s what I’ve tried to accomplish here. I will say though that my urge to write names and actions was right at my fingertips, but I did manage to refrain. I also want to state that not a lot of thought went into this dialogue, I just sat and started writing and it came naturally. Dialogue writing comes pretty natural to me. Anyhow…here goes

Where are you going?silhouette-man-walking

meZFaRSI have to get outta here.

I should have known you’d run, it’s what you do best…

Really, you’re gonna throw that in my face?

You have no idea the kind of shit I keep at my disposal… my brain is just waiting to unleash my first bullet.

Oh I have no doubt… you’re a conniving little bitch!

It’s about time you realize…after all YOU work for ME, now shut the door, and sit down.

You are out of your mind if you think I’m going to stay here alone with you.

Oh what, Are you scared?

I know you’re just trying to get in my head, you don’t care about me.

See that’s where you’re wrong, I do care, I care about how you will affect my success, and quite frankly I think you’re slowing me down.meZG69a

So then, why not just kill me, why not make good on your promise?

Because I love

Sorry it’s so conspicuous….I’ve really been into #Revenge, #Betrayal and #Scandal lately… dang you ABC 7! 😉

But I urge you…Make of it what you will…would love to know any ideas as to what you think they’re talking about, who these characters are, and what their situation means. I myself scarcely know, which is kind of fun, I think there are a lot of different ways I could possibly take this!



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