Guarded now

unguarded before the wreckage

I’m guarded

Sorry for spoiled fun

give it time

to clear this mind

too rid this heart

of a girl yet to be loved

a girl unknown

unknowing of the world

the walls she builds are built upon a steep hill

the blame is not on you

it’s on he who never knew

he who never came around

still walking aimlessly in the wrong direction

wandering through town

I wonder, where is he going now?

to understand where I’m coming from

I challenge you

to step into my shoes

can you walk a mile?

you’ll never know another’s struggle

have you ever not been in love?

it’s almost as bad as being madly in

or losing love from one you love with all

Unguarded because I’ve never been hurt before

guarded because I know that love can get lost

to take a risk

is easier said then done

it’s easier to observe

then to risk

risk feeling more


risk it all


risk into opportunity

risk into challenge


be brave

bravery is that risk


risk away

lonely is the dreamer

lively is the achiever

but both are a necessity

But somehow the true blame is on those who are cruel

those who abuse

and use love like it’s full proof

use it like it’s something of little value

Dishonoring the meaning of life…


love is all there is

love is all that is needed

Shame on you

Shame on those who never knew

Sympathy for those who wish to know but have yet to

sympathy for the unknowing of a love so great

of a true love

of love that makes your heart race

If you have it

never let it go

If you’ve lost it

beg for it’s safe return

If you didn’t realize what was right in front of you

maybe you didn’t deserve it in the first place

Be guarded only when love is unavailable

Be unguarded as much as possible

for she who doubts herself…but pushes to risk it all

has much too lose

but also everything to gain

so hand your heart over

unlock those chains you bare

feel free to love

rebuild the wears and tears

And if you find he who will take it in his arms

to carry you afloat

promise you’ll choose wisely

for he who holds the unguarded heart

should be worthy of it’s love

Guarded or Unguarded

It’s all up to you

Which way will your heart choose?


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