Mysterious Attraction – Part 3

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You want me to what?b14e77b8078ad89bf21e63ce7a57baa8

I’m sorry you seem to be having trouble understanding me today, let me break it down for you….I. want. you. So, divorce your wife.

You can’t just ask me to do something like that, especially when it’s something so catastrophic.

Let me rephrase… divorce her, I’m not asking you to, I’m telling you.

Don’t touch me, what we had, whatever this thing between us was… It’s over. I love my wife.

I don’t believe that you do.

I don’t really care what you believe.


Why is that interesting?black-and-white-couple-embrace-hands-kiss-favim-com-414857

Why do you wanna know?

What? You know what forget it, You’re out of your mind. Good bye.

If you leave, don’t come back.

Oh how cliche of you…You know what I think you may just be losing your edge.

Leave and find out.Sophia-Genlux-Magazine-Spring-2011-sophia-bush-20723410-903-1091

Is that an order?

No…It’s a challenge…

I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge so…Have a nice life….

Are you sure you wanna walk out that door?

Positive. Besides we both know we’ll never be able to work together….not after this. I’ll have the agency place me somewhere else.

If that’s what you really want…

It is. I love my wife.

I didn’t ask you if you loved her. I asked if this is what you want?tumblr_mheo43gQEM1r7lijoo1_500


Who are you trying to convince me or yourself?

Like I said I don’t have to prove anything to you. -Exits room-

-End of Chapter 1 –

**** I am digging this so far! Hope you guys are too, whoever you are out there in cyberspace…

P.S. Any images or gifs used in this series are not my own, I do not take any credit for any of them. But do pay close attention to them. Since I am not using stage directions, or character names or actions, I am relying on the images to give you guys a little insight as to what’s going on with these characters. This is really fun for me. I can focus on the dialogue and just leave the rest up for interpretation and imagination. And in hindsight I’m slowly learning more myself, more about the characters, about what their relationship is, what they mean to each other, who they are, and how they feel. It’s been really fun, just winging it and not over thinking it too much, and I actually am really liking this mysterious vibe they’ve got going on! I’m sure by now you’re starting to see who’s who and who’s the guy, and who’s the girl and you get a sense that they have a romantic history of some kind, well I am learning it along with you guys, so let’s have fun!

Have a good weekend y’all! (suddenly I’ve gone country haha)

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