Stuck in Traffic

Old school photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

Old school photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

The days blur on by

And you are where you’ve always been

Grasping for something to hold onto

Grasping for a reason not to pretend

And in the darkness

You shall see

And the light will shine bright

For all it takes is faith and grace

And the belief that time may treat you right

What more could you ask for

It’s difficult to tell

You want to have it all


But you’re buried in your shell

But maybe she who risks and claws her way through

Is she who comes above them all

Instead of she who plays it safe

And  wanders down life’s long haul

Aimlessly running

never knowing

which way to go

But she who struggles

but pushes forward

Is she who is the one who never gave up

The Queen to the thrown

The one who holds onto hope

Stuck in traffic

While you wait

Never worry

God will pave your way



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