Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 3

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…


A knock at her office door…tumblr_mhnj9e9j8W1s4yg05o4_r3_500

Lexie: Come in.

Carter enters looking distraught.

Carter: Can I talk to you?

Lexie: Look if this is about the other day-

Brooke-Davis-7x12-Screencap-brooke-davis-13612158-1280-720Carter: I need to talk to you.

Lexie: You look nervous about something, are you ok?

Carter: I need your help.

Lexie: Well then you have it.

Carter: (smiles slightly) My wife hasn’t come home, and I know hearing me talk about her is a sore subject for you but-

Lexie: Don’t worry about me, what’s wrong?

Carter: She was due back this morning but she missed her flight, she hasn’t checked in and she’s never like this… she always checks in.

Lexie: Ok just calm down, flights get mixed up all the time, maybe she’s just out of cell phone range…

Carter: No, no I think there’s something really wrong.

Lexie: Like what?

Carter: I don’t know, I just have this feeling that something may have happened to her, something bad.

Lexie: Well, can you think of anyone who may have wanted to hurt her… forgive me, but in this business, these are the questions you have to ask. It’s the only way to know what you may be dealing with.

Drive9_GQ_14Sep11_320Carter: No  I can’t think of anyone, I mean my wife… she’s a saint, everyone loves her.

Lexie: I see. Well then I’m sure she’s fine.

Carter: That’s it.

Lexie: No. I mean if you need an airport or airplane contact, if you need a car or private jet to help you find her, by all means, it’s yours. I just don’t know how else I can help you…But I’ll do whatever I can…

Carter: Maybe whatever happened to her has nothing to do with her…and everything to do with me.

Lexie: Ok. Well who do you think would do something like that? (she crosses her arms)

Carter: Did you… do something…did you…did you hurt my wife?

Lexie: What, did you just ask me?0

Carter: I need to know if you and this company could have anything to do with this?

Lexie: You are not asking me this right now!

Carter: I know we have history and frankly you hate whenever I bring her up, and I’m sure the idea of she and I only makes you angrier…

Lexie: I can’t believe you would even go there. To think that I would let you walk out of here after such a declaration of love and then somehow come up with this plan to have you think your wife went missing is disgusting! And it’s below me. And I would think you would know that! I may be ruthless, but I am NOT heartless!

Carter: What about your father, would he have had an issue with me working for another company. After all you placed me with his rival. Do you think he could have mistaken that, and saw it as a threat on my part, and decided to seek revenge?

Lexie: Whoa whoa wait, I didn’t place you with our rival.

Carter: Yes you did, it’s all in the paperwork, you placed me to work for Skully. I just figured you were pissed, and tryna stick it to me, teach me a lesson or something.

Lexie: Carter, I did not place you with Skully, there are less dramatic ways to teach you a lesson… there’s been some kind of mistake!

Carter: Wait a minute… what are you talking about?

Lexie: Skully is even more ruthless then me and my father combined. I would never place you to work for him.

Carter: So then how did this happen?Drive_2

Lexie: I don’t know, I filed the paperwork myself, I don’t understand…

(she rummages through file cabinets to check her records)

Carter: Maybe you just made a mistake…maybe it was just an oversight, a mix up of paperwork…

Lexie: NO Carter…I’m never careless! (she finds the paperwork) I didn’t do this?

Carter: Well then who did it?

What Are You Willing To LoseLexie: I don’t know, but I’m sure as hell gonna find out.  I won’t have anyone jeopardizing your safety.

Carter: Since when have you ever been concerned with my safety, we’re all part of criminal activity on a daily basis.

Lexie: Yea well I’ve managed to keep you at arms length from the real grit of it all.

Carter: What does that mean?

Lexie: It means that you manage the door, but I run the empire. You deal with what missions I send you on. You have no idea how hated my father is by Skully and his men … where did your wife go, on her trip, where did she go?

Carter: She had a photo shoot for a magazine; it was based somewhere in Chicago.

Lexie: And what was the job?

Carter: She got an email saying to meet at some old warehouse. What does that matter?

Lexie’s expression alters from suspicion to fear


Lexie: Listen to me, you need to go home.

Carter: What? What about my wife?

Lexie: Go home, now. Stay there lock all the doors, I will have men by to pick you up in 15 minutes. They’ll most likely be there waiting outside for you anyway, they work fast.

Carter: What? Why?

Lexie: Look I can’t tell you much all I can say is that when the men come to pick you up, you’ll recognize them, you’ve seen tt_356910_61e3bcddhem around the office; both tall, strong build, one by the name Joe; Sandy Brown Hair and the other Brice; More Fair Haired. They will take you someplace safe.

Carter: And where are you going?

Lexie: I’m going to save your wife. (grabs her briefcase and a gun in a rush.)

Carter: What? What do you mean?

Lexie: Do not ask me any more questions, the less you know the better (she rushes off. She stops turns back to him and kisses him.) Just in case I don’t I ever get to tell you… I really do love you. Be safe.

-She Exits-

Carter’s Phone rings

Carter: Hello?

Brice: Mr. Carter we will be waiting outside your residence for you.


Happy Weekend!

***I do not take credit for any of the images or gifs used***


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