Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 3 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…


Due to explicit dialogue.

Due to explicit dialogue.

**New Character Alert**

Meet Lexie’s Lackeys…





2 & 1/2 hours since Lexie left…

Carter sits in a dimly lit hotel roomRyan-Gosling-007

One security guard sitting across from him

Another guarding the door

Carter: This is insane, you do realize that right?

Brice: We’re just doing our jobs, Mr. Carter.

Carter: I don’t care about your damn job, I need to get out of here, and go save the woman I love.

Joe: And which woman would that be…

Carter glares at him

Brice: We are under strict orders from Ms. Lexie herself to keep you here until she orders otherwise.

Carter: And while you’re doing that…she’s out there alone…trying to save my wife! Anything can happen to either of them!

Joe: Rest assure Lexie is fully equipped to handle anything that comes her way, but she’ll be taken care of don’t you worry. -Jensen-jensen-ackles-30582603-800-450

Carter looks at him suspiciously

Carter gets up and they both jolt

Carter: I’m going to take a leak…is that allowed?

Joe: Just be quick about it.

ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchCarter looks back and glares at him

He gets in the bathroom and pulls out his phone


Carter worries for Lexie’s safety…

He dials Lexie’s number

It goes straight to voice mail

Carter looks around the bathroom searching for an exit strategy

He walks toward the bathroom window and opens it, it’s a steep way down

There’s a pounding on the door

Joe: It doesn’t take that long to piss.

Carter opens the door in frustration

Joe: You wouldn’t be trying to plot your way out of here, would you?

Carter glares again

Joe: Because I’d advise you not to. (His tone dripping in threatThe Ides of March7-20110818-252)

Carter: You think you frighten me… (he laughs)

Carter walks over to the couch sitting down he checks his watch

Joe: Gotta be somewhere?

Carter: You’re funny.

Brice finally hears from Lexie

Brice finally hears from Lexie

Brice’s cell phone rings and Carter’s eyes jolt up.

Brice: Hello, boss?… Yes he is safe…everything on our end is fine. Have you reached your destination?…Ok boss you got it.

Carter: What’d she say? Is she ok? (swiftly standing up.)

Joe: Sit down.

Carter: I’m sorry maybe you missed the part where I don’t take orders from you…

Joe: Lexie hired us. What we say, you do.Walkin' After Midnight

Brice: Joe. Dial it back.

Joe backs off reluctantly

Brice: Ms. Lexie is ok.

Carter: Thank god. Did she say anything about my wife?



Joe: Ah the many women …. (he taunts from the sidelines as he sips a glass of whiskey)

Brice: (attempting to keep the peace) No Mr. Carter, She didn’t mention your wife yet.

Carter: How is my relationship with either woman any of your damn business?

Joe: It isn’t really, but see what I can’t understand (he walks closer) is how Lexie could fall for a pathetic whimp of a man like you.

crazystupidlovetrlr01videostill480Brice: Joe.

Joe: No no I mean really…come on Brice, we all think it. Lexie is a powerhouse, she’s not built to deal with cowards like him.

Carter laughs sarcastically

Carter: Ah now I get it.

Brice: Can we stop now, can we? This is childish high school bullshit.

Carter: Oh I agree. It’s really pathetic how you are pining after a woman that doesn’t want you. And you hate me, because I have what you want.

Joe glares at Carter

Carter: Am I right? I’m right, right? (smiling sarcastically, taunting Joe.) I mean because really, it must eat you up to see beautiful, driven, “powerhouse” Lexie fall all over pathetic little me, and not even give you a second glance…

Joe: Shut up.dean-suit

Carter laughs

Carter: And now you get the all star job of babysitting the man she loves. Ah the irony. (smiles pouring himself a glass of whiskey and holding it up in the air as a mock cheers before sipping it.)

tumblr_m44tu3zRLP1qc4bg8o1_500Brice: Ok are we done?

Joe: You think you’re so much better than me, don’t you? (his tone laced with hate)

Carter: You know what, up until today I didn’t even really know you. I mean aside from a few random run-ins at work, I wouldn’t even have known you existed. But then again, Lexie’s never really mentioned you either, so there’s that.

Joe: You don’t know anything about my relationship with Lexie.

Carter: Or lack there of, (shrugs, with a smirk on his face). You know what though Joe, I have to say, even then just seeing you once or twice around the office, I knew I didn’t like you.

Joe: Well the feeling is mutual, (a cold and deadly stare).

Carter: But now that I do know you, I’m thinking yea, I am better then you. (He shrugs) And Lexie seems to think so too.

Joe lunges at him punching him in the jaw.


Carter doubles back after the blow a bit. His mouth begins to bleed, but the hit wasn’t enough to alter Carter’s stance.



Brice tries to mediate the craziness…

Brice: Jesus! Joe, what the hell! (puts himself between the two.)

Back the fuck off, do you wanna get fired…because of your stupidity?

Joe: He’s taunting me.

Brice: And you started it.

Joe glares at him

Joe: I won’t have him thinking he’s better for her.


There’s a lot Joe has been holding back, just how well does he know Lexie?

Brice: This is your job. Remove the emotion from it.  Leave that shit at home! God how many times do I have to remind you of that!

Joe: She belongs with me. You know that. Everyone knows, even her father!

Brice: That was a long time ago man you have to let it go. This is your job and as much as you hate it, your job is to make sure that he stays safe. Just think of how much she’d hate you if we let anything happen to him. Do you want that?

Joe: No, of course not.

Brice: Ok, then that’s it. Suck it up. You don’t have to like him, just stand there and guard the door. I’ll deal with the rest.

They both turn around to find the room empty, and the hotel room door open.


Poor Brice…turned his back for one second…

Brice: You’ve got to be kidding me, SHIT! (runs off in a hurry, Joe reluctantly in tote.)

Still to come where's Lexie?

And what has Lexie gotten herself into this time?

Stay Tuned!  As we round out Chapter Three, we’ll find out where Lexie  is

and the truth will begin to unravel about her past with Joe…

Plus Will Lexie make it in time to save Carter’s wife???


The many layers of Lexie...there's still so much Carter doesn't know...

The many layers of Lexie…there’s still so much Carter doesn’t know…

**I do not take credit for ANY of the images, gifs, or photo-shopped images

used, all belong to their rightful owners!**

Happy Weekend!


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