The 2013 American Music Awards

Ok so let’s get down to business, I live for these music shows, but unlike the Video Music Awards, The American Music Awards are always better, classier, and SHORTER! lol. It’s performance-award-performance-performance-award  pattern makes for a smoother show and a less boring one! This year’s 41st AMAs… had a hell of a performance list. However I’m just going to shine a light on my performance highlights.

Justin Timberlake

(as per usual… the main reason I watch!)

So let’s start with the JUSTIN NEWS first shall we?…

He won 3 out of the 5 awards he was nominated for including…

JT first award

The FIRST award of the night for Favorite Pop/Rock Male

Favorite Soul/R&B Artist

Favorite Soul/R&B Album

***Was proud to see him make it all about praising his fans tonight (along with cracking a few jokes, you’d think he was the host [and he should have been!] sorry but Pitbull just frustrates me!) …you know where it’s at J.T.*** #support


AND his performance was kick ass!

As he sang a new song off The 20/20 Experience Vol.2- “Drink You Away”


In which he took to the stage and said “We’re J.T. and the Tennessee Kids, this is a song about alcohol.”

I was a little bummed to see him not win the other two awards he was nominated for, but I mean my girl

I mean "RED" is an amazing album, it's well deserved!

I mean “RED” is an amazing album, it’s well deserved!


Taylor Swift won Artist of the Year and I am happy for her, but if it was up to me Best Pop/Rock Album would have went to JT instead of One Direction, I’m just sayin’…although I did enjoy the boys performance of their new song “Story of my life.”  I’m seriously vibin on that song, LOL.

I wanna be Justin's bestie? :/

I wanna be Justin’s bestie!  :/

Any who it wasn’t a surprise that the night pretty much belonged to Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift, they were the night’s biggest winners. The two were joking and being super adorable the whole night. Taylor presented Justin with his first award and he graciously offered her his arm upon exiting the stage and even uttered a “Taylor you look lovely tonight,” during his acceptance speech. During the acceptance of another award as he passed Taylor they turned to each other and had a very “OMG [I won]” fangirl moment. It was actually the cutest thing ever! And I am SO jealous of her, because I know that she is like my age and is a huge fan and I’m just like OMG can we switch places, T-swift, hook it up! 😉

And to my dismay Justin skipped out on the red carpet and attended the Award show sans Jessica Biel. I mean what the hell is that about? First she doesn’t come out during the vma’s (ok yea fine she was backstage, but still it was a big night for him she could have sat in the damn audience) and then she’s no where to be found tonight. I just don’t understand. And I noticed, Justin was not 2013 American Music Awards - Showonly sans Jessica, but sans wedding ring as well, I’m just sayin’. This couple is bonkers. They are both beautiful and famous and in love…why don’t they ever just show that! They always have beautiful things to say about each other in interviews (esp. with Ellen, lol). But when it comes to public events they act like strangers. I mean I understand the whole privacy aspect, and I’m not saying share your most intimate details (I mean whatever, he already wrote two albums about that ;)) But I’m just sayin’ it’d be nice to see her actually support her husband socially! I mean she has the guy every girl wants, appreciate it girl! But hey that’s just how I see it, she seems like she makes an amazing wife, and he definitely seems like he’s an amazing husband, and whatever works for them! To each they’re own. I just often wonder if it ever bothers Justin? I know it’d bother me if the person I love wasn’t there physically, to support me. Just throwing it out there, lol. (No this is not another post award show feud brewing…hahaha)

And I’m not saying all of this because I am naive enough to think that they are breaking up, I mean I highly doubt that, they are human and can go places separately. It’s just a matter of frustration, because it seems to be a pattern with them. But then again what if she’s pregnant…oh my god, I’m just starting shit now aren’t I? I think I’d die! ahah Ok I’ll stop, enough speculation. But the whole no wedding band and never thanking her in speeches is kinda disrespectful JT, haha. If you were my husband I’d be a little pissed off about that. Jessica Biel must have gotten the message via twitter, when fans began wondering about her absence in which she replied…

jessica biel why you no there

Good for you girl 😉

My other favorite moments had to include


Jennifer Lopez‘ Tribute to Latin singer Celia Cruz which was freakin’ AMAZING, she sported 3 beautiful outfits and danced her ass off, not to mention Justin Timberlake’s applause after was… the. best. reaction. ever. (standing ovation from the president of pop) see what happens when you’re not around Jessica 😉

I’m just kidding…in fact Justin probably just went straight home after the show to be with her…after all they’ve been touring together since the beginning of this month.

Oh ya see, what a sweet husband

Oh ya see, what a sweet husband

Justin also tweeted, facebooked, and instagramed this little gem today!

The caption read "Thank you, thank you, and thank you..!! #AMAS"

The caption read “Thank you, thank you, and thank you..!! #AMAS”

Ariana Grande‘s performance was beautiful…what a voice…Watch HERE

2013 American Music Awards E

She also won the Favorite New Artist award! I was so happy for her!

And OMG you guys TLC performed (with Lil mama) in honor of Lisa Left eye, and they sang WATERFALLS, I swear I had a moment there, it was so beautiful and I was just reminded of how much I LOVE that song!


And last but not least Miley Cyrus closed the night with “Wrecking Ball” and a Cat inspired theme, which I really didn’t get what the relationship between the crying cat in space to her and her cat printed two-piece latex outfit, had to do with that heartbreaking song… but never the less, girl has a voice and I love that song. She actually surprised me on the red carpet and I was kind of proud to see that she classed it up, wearing a simple white suit and little make up. Granted she wore nothing under the blazer, but I still think there’s that fine line between slutty and sexy and I’m happy to see she didn’t cross it. But like I’ve said before, to each her own, Miley’s doing her thing and she knows what she’s doing and she knows what’s going to get talked about and what’s going to keep her relevant. So if you ask me, she’s a business woman, strategizing.

Miley Cyrus

My Fashion picks of the night have to be

Taylor Swift


This is just so different for her. I mean she always looks classy and beautiful no matter what, but I just feel like she usually opts for the really overly mature long gown. And it was nice to see her in something young, shiny, sexy, girly and flirty. She still looked classy and I just think she stole it for me, as far as the fashion goes.






Katy Perry


And I also liked Katy Perry’s red carpet look, it isn’t anything I would personally like, but I just thought she looked really elegant and sweet. I may not be the biggest Katy fan, but when she was interviewed and asked about her current status on twitter, (she is now the most followed person,) she said something that I really loved. Katy said that she feels the reason why she’s gained so many follows is because she “never has anyone speak for her, no one is running her twitter but her,” and she feels fans can relate better to her that way, and doesn’t agree with others who have their team tweet for them. I totally agree with that, it pisses me off so much when I see Team J.T. tweeting on Justin’s account. It just can feel like a slap in the face to a fan, like he doesn’t care to tweet himself. But then again, I think Justin is just starting to utilize Twitter, and realizing he’s gotta get on that. After all twitter wasn’t even a thing back when he started with *NSYNC and still wasn’t  even in existence during his first two solo albums, Haha. Oh my little eletronically challenged man! 😉

Oops I did it again, I guess it always comes back to Justin doesn’t it? lol 😀

And can I just say quickly that I LOVE the nail cam, like omg I wanna walk a red carpet event so bad, just so I can walk the nail cam red carpet with my manicure! ahah I think that is just the cutest thing ever!


And that’s all I have to say about the AMA’s…it was a good show, and definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already, but I live for this kind of shit, so if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s cool too.

Happy Monday!

Buy your turkey yet? …seriously I can’t even wait for Thanksgiving! 😀


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