Simple Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Christmas is literally  around the corner…


So I was in the mood for something a little different and I thought I’d spice up my hot chocolate!

Now I’m no Susie homemaker so this is a super simple recipe…

What you will need:


Any instant hot cocoa mix… I just used a swissmiss packet,but you can use any cocoa you want

Water…(or milk, depends on your preference)

Large sized marshmallows

Hershey’s Peppermint Candy Cane

Cool whip



1. First I started by bringing some water to a boil

2. And while that was happening I got my hot cocoa ready and poured it into my favorite Christmas mug!

3. Set that aside…

4. Next I put three candy bar cubes (you can use however many you want based on your love of peppermint)  of my peppermint candy into a microwavable bowl and popped it in for 30 second intervals. I think around the 45 second mark was sufficient enough.

5. Set that aside…

6. And by now your water should have boiled and you can add it into your mug.

7. Next you want to toast your marshmallows, I just took a large sized marshmallow and put it on a wooden skewer, and carefully turning a flame on my stove, one by one I lightly toasted the marshmallows. Be sure to not put the flame too high and be sure to be careful!

8. Set those aside…

9. Next since I didn’t have any whipped cream left… I decided to add a dollop of cool whip, to cool things down a bit, and add some more flavor.

10. And lastly I dropped the marshmallows in and drizzled my melted peppermint candy cane chocolate on top…

And Voila! Peppermint Hot Chocolate!



Some adjustments I’d make just to make things better

Allow your hot chocolate to cool just a bit before you add your toppings. And before drinking your hot chocolate go on and eat those marshmallows! Otherwise, they’ll just get swampy and sink into the drink, and when toasted they don’t necessary taste as good when left in  the hot cocoa, lol! Also if you aren’t a peppermint lover, think about other substitutes, caramel, chocolate syrup, or any other various chocolate you wish to melt.

Hope you Enjoy!

and hope you pair it with one of your favorite holiday movies!

Merry Almost Christmas!


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