Mysterious Attraction Ch. 4 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…



Lexie sits in her office. She is looking at a photo of Carter on her cell phone, she wipes away a small tear, she scrolls to the left and a picture of her and Joe pops up.  Lexie presses delete and the image dissolves.


Lexie hangs on to a memory…


But wishes to forget another one

A knock is heard…

Lexie dries her tears

fuckyeahonetreehillcaps-tumblrLexie: Yes?

Joe pokes his head in2-so-is-dean-in-a-suit

Joe: You wanted to see us.

Lexie: Yes I did. Come in.

Brice follows behind him

Lexie: Actually Brice, you are dismissed. I appreciate your efforts and you have been nothing but helpful. So thank you.

Brice glances at Joe who flashes a look of fear his way

Brice: No problem Ms. Lexie. Glad to have been of assistance.normal_TW02791

Lexie nods toward him with a small smile, Brice exits

Lexie gestures Joe to sit

Joe: I realize that you’re probably not too happy with my performance today… and I –

312913_1255639617404_fullLexie: No. I’ll do the talking.

Joe: (blurts out) I love you.

Lexie gives him a look of disbeliefSPN412_DeanSuit01x

Joe: I understand that there is still so much between us that is gonna take time to forgive, but I am willing to work on it. I’m willing to fight for you. Because I know that we had something special.

Lexie: That’s funny because, I don’t seem to remember you thinking I was worth the fight all those years ago. Remember you left; you left when I actually needed you the most.

Joe: I was a kid, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I didn’t understand how I could be there for you, when I couldn’t even understand the situation myself.

Lexie: And what about me, Joe. I was a kid too. But I was the one who suffered the most. But no you never thought about me, did you? You only thought of yourself. My god it’s like I’m surrounded by selfish men! (covers her face in frustration). No wonder my father loves you… never mind the fact that you deserted me. But you know what… turns out I didn’t need you.

Joe: I’m sorry.

Lexie: Well you’re a few years too late.

There’s another knock on the door

Lexie walks over to the door, opening it, her breath is caught when she sees its Carter342284_1262508441218_500_282

Carter: Hi.

Joe: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Lexie turns back toward Joe

Lexie: Joe, you can go.

Joe: Nothings been resolved.

Lexie: There’s nothing that needs resolving, other then the fact that you need to keep your personal business out of this business.Ryan-Gosling-in-Gangster-Squad-1

Joe: And how do you expect me to do that, considering-

Lexie: Considering what…there’s nothing to consider…so whatever you’re after, just quit while you’re ahead.

dean-suitJoe glares at Carter and stalks out of the office

Lexie turns back to Carter

Lexie: Can I help you?  (walks back toward her desk)

Carter: Why so formal? (laughs mildly)

Lexie: It’s just business.

Carter walks in and closes the door behind him

Carter: Are we back there again?

Lexie: You can leave that door open.

Carter smiles

Carter: Why are you afraid to be alone with me? (laughs walking closer to her desk)image

Lexie: I’m not afraid of anything.

Carter: Ah, except love right? (Locks eyes with hers)

Lexie: Clearly you don’t know me well enough to make that judgment, kind of, the same way I don’t know you that well either.

Carter: I’m sorry, am I missing something?

Lexie: No. But apparently I was. So you can just stop acting like you actually care about me. I mean I’ve been part of your business plan all along, haven’t I?

Carter’s confusion is evident in his expression

Carter: I do care about you. I thought that we’ve covered this already.

Lexie: Carter I know ok. I know.

Carter: You know what?

Lexie: I know why you’re really here.511_b_fires_her_mom

Carter: Ok. And why am I really here? (crosses his arms and leans against the nearby file cabinet, with a smirk)

Lexie: I think you should go.

Carter: (teasingly) You are seriously off your game tonight.

Lexie: Yea you know that tends to happen when you risk your life to save the wife of the man you love.

Carter: Well I came here to thank you. What you did was-

Lexie: Don’t worry about it.

Carter: What is with you?

Lexie: Just go please. Go home to your wife.

Carter: It’s your father isn’t it?

Lexie looks up342284_1262508441218_500_282 at him

Lexie: Why would you assume this has anything to do with my father?

Carter: Because unlike you I think I know you pretty well. And I know that if you’re this on edge, it must have something to do with him. So what did he do now? …Wait a minute is he the one who orchestrated this whole thing?

Lexie: Yes.

Carter: Oh my god, Lexie!

Lexie: I had nothing to do with it, ok? If that’s what you’re thinking.

Carter: That wasn’t what I was thinking. I’m just a little surprised and confused.

Lexie: The day that you came back and told me…

Carter: That I loved you?

ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchLexie and Carter exchange glanceshqdefault

Lexie: …Well that was the same day that we had that fight, and I kept pushing you away-

Carter: Yea I kept telling you how much I loved you, and you kept pushing me toward the door. I remember it well. (pained expression)

Lexie: I only did it, because I had gotten a call. At first I didn’t recognize the voice and they basically insisted that I cut all ties with you and wire half a million dollars to an address in Chicago within the next week or something horrible was going to happen to you. It scared me to death, so I did it. And then when you told me that Kelly was missing, I realized something.

Carter: What?

Lexie: I realized that it all made sense. There were clues all along, and I was just too stupid and too preoccupied with my feelings for you that I didn’t realize what was going on right in front of me.

Carter: So your father kidnapped my wife to what- keep us away from each other?

Lexie: Essentially.

Carter: That’s one hell of a tactic!

Lexie: Oh believe me I know and I am dealing with him. He was completely out of line. But I guess he was just trying to protect me in his own demented way.

Carter: Protect you from what?

Lexie: From getting my heart broken.image

Carter: By me?

Lexie: Who else?

Carter: (smirking) I don’t know that Joe guy seems to have the hots for you.

Lexie: Joe doesn’t have the power to break my heart.

Brooke-Davis-7x12-Screencap-brooke-davis-13612028-1280-720Carter: Lexie?

Lexie: Look. I’m not this girl, ok? I’ve never relied on a man, and I’m not gonna start now. Especially on a man who is already spoken for. So… if that’s all, then maybe we should just find a way to stay as far away from each other as possible.

Carter: I don’t think I can do that.

Lexie: Well you’re gonna have to try.

Carter: No.

Lexie: No?Brooke-Davis-7x13-Screencap-brooke-davis-13611026-1280-720

Carter: No. Look tonight when I didn’t know where you were or what was happening, I was ready to lose it. I love you, and I know that this can work, if you just give me time. Give me time just to figure out how to tell Kelly.

Lexie: Wow. The other side really scored with you. I mean you’re just so dedicated.

Carter: Ok there you go again, not making sense.

Lexie: Are you really gonna stand there, and play this game with me?

Carter: Isn’t that kind of our thing. You scowl and yell at me, and I try to act like it doesn’t make me love you more?

Lexie: You are really good. I have to admit, I was really convinced. I mean after all this time, you deserve an Oscar for your performance.

Carter: Ok Lexie, you gotta help me out here baby? What in the hell are you talking about?

Lexie: Don’t “baby” me.

The Ides of March7-20110818-252Carter: What is wrong with you?

Lexie: Why don’t you go back and tell your father, that if it’s a war he wants, he’s got it.

Carter: What does my father have to do with us?

Lexie: Stop it, ok? Just stop it. I’m tired of this, just own up to it!

Carter: Own up to what?

Lexie: How you’ve been infiltrating my family’s business since the first day I met you. How it was all just some scheme to get Skully just a few steps ahead of us.

Carter: (laughs) Are you insane? First of all, I worked for Skully after we’d been whatever you wanna call what we’ve been doing for the past year. And if you remember correctly I didn’t last very long working for the other side. So what are you talking about? And why are you mentioning my father?

Lexie: Are you drunk?

Carter: Are you?

Lexie: Carter who’s your father?

Carter: I’ve told you about my father, his name is John and he’s a painter.

Lexie and Carter tell a lot with just a look...

Lexie glares at him; she squints and purses her lips trying to read himRyan-Gosling-in-Gangster-Squad-1

Carter: What’s going on?







Lexie walks over to him and kisses him, he kisses her back


Lexie pulls away and looks at him

Carter: Not that I mind, but what is with you? (he laughs)

511_b_fires_her_momLexie turns away

Lexie: You don’t know anything about this do you?

Carter: No… I have to admit I’m pretty lost.

Lexie: So this thing, (gestures to the space between them) this is real?

Carter: You mean, you and I? Yea I’d say it’s pretty real. I mean it feels pretty real to me.

Lexie begins pacing the room as if she’s trying to make a decision

Carter: Lexie? You wanna fill me in here…

Lexie: (asks abruptly)  How was your childhood?

Carter: It was relatively normal, I mean my parents weren’t exactly poor but we struggled for a while, but I always had what I needed. Why are you asking? (laughs)

Lexie: Oh my god…

Carter: What?

Lexie: Carter, is there anyway that you…maybe your parents aren’t who you think they are?

Carter: No, I’m pretty sure my dad’s name is John and he’s a painter, and well my mom’s name is Joan and she’s a school teacher.

Lexie: Ok well, let me rephrase that, is there any way that you may have been adopted by John and Joan, and your real parents could… I don’t know… be floating about somewhere out there?

Carter: (laughs) Are you sure you’re not drunk?

Lexie: Oh my god, at this point I have no idea. (covers her face)embarrassed

Carter: Ok I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that your father is spreading some lie about me, that has made you question weather or not I’m actually in love with you, so why don’t you just tell me what it is.

Lexie: No because, if I say it, then that’s just going to be yet another lie he’s told me. (begins to cry)

Carter: Lexie, (pulls her into his arms) hey…what’s going on? You can talk to me, you know that.

Lexie pushes him away

Lexie: I need you to go.

Carter: Lexie?

Lexie: Please.ryan_gosling_a_l

Carter: Don’t do this again, don’t push me away.

Lexie: I just need time, ok? I’m sorry but I just- I don’t know who I can or can’t trust anymore and I just, I need to think.

Carter: You can trust me.

Lexie just looks away


Carter: Ok. Fine. But don’t waste time thinking about weather or not my love for you is real, because I think that after that kissimages, you can answer that question for yourself. I love you, call me when you’re ready, be good. (blows her a kiss and leaves)

Lexie exhales and the tears begin to poor.



 What will happen between Lexie & Carter?

And more to come with Carter and his wife Kelly and Lexie’s past with Joe.

PLUS Lexie and her father have a few things to discuss, don’t you think???

**I do not own any of the images, photo shopped images, and gifs, they all belong to their rightful owners/creators!**

Happy Weekend!


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