Mysterious Attraction Ch. 4 Part 3 (Resumed)

So I’m thankinggg the tech gods that I was able to retrieve all my documents from my laptop and it is in working use for now, hopefully it stays that way…anyhow as promised…the show must go on…and because I’m TWO weeks behind in Mysterious Attraction… :/ here’s a rare Saturday post…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction

The next day Carter walks up to Lexie’s office door and hears voices


Lexie: I told you to keep things professional and hear you go again, doing the exact opposite.angry lexie

Joe: I wish you would just hear me out for 5 minutes.

Lexie: I don’t want to, nor do I have to, nor do you deserve to be heard out. What you and I had was a long time ago, and had it not been for my father, you wouldn’t even be here. So just be grateful that you still have a job and leave me alone.

Joe: This is about Carter isn’t it? You do realize he’s married right? It’s never gonna happen for you.

Lexie: Carter is none of your business, and he and I are…we’re nothing. And even if we were you would not be someone I could talk to anyway, so you can just get out.

Joe: I can’t believe after everything we’ve been through, that you can’t even just give me 5 minutes.

Lexie: I don’t like digging through my past ok, it’s the past for a reason, and I’d like for it to stay that way. One more word of this to anyone, and I will have you replaced so fast you won’t know what hit you.

Joe: Fine, I hear Skully’s looking for a few men?

Lexie: See right there, that’s why we would never work. Because the fact that you would try and make a joke like that, knowing what he’s done to my family… just proves that you are still mentally 18 years old; the same irresponsible, disrespectful child you always were.

Joe:  Lexie, I’m sorry. I was just trying to grab your attention; I didn’t mean that.

Lexie: I think you did. Get out.

Joe: I love you… I love you. And I know that somewhere in your heart, you still love me. Or at least you could.

Lexie: I don’t love you. Understand that. In fact I’m not sure I ever really did…Ok? Get that through your thick head.

Joe: So you’re saying that what we had all those years ago, was nothing, meant nothing to you?

Lexie: I was a kid. And I didn’t know any better.

Joe: Wow…

Lexie: I’m not ignoring the fact that we had a history, I’m not ignoring that I had feelings for you, I just don’t think it was love. I mean at 16 and 17 how can you really now what love is. Because if it was love, it wouldn’t have fallen apart so easily, and you wouldn’t have left so quickly.

Joe: I’m sorry. I truly am. Leaving you was the biggest mistake I ever made.

Lexie: You and I are never going to be together. We just, we weren’t right for each other back then, and we aren’t right for each other now.

SPN412_DeanSuit01xJoe: Lexie? (tears well up in his eyes)

Lexie: Just go, please. I’m not going to ask you again.

Carter ducks to the side

Joe exits and Carter knocks

imagesLexie answers the door

0Lexie: Oh god, I can’t do this right now.

Carter: I’m not here to fight, I was just in the office picking up some paperwork and I heard the yelling… are you ok?

Lexie looks at him, she smiles faintly.

Brooke-Davis-7x16-Screencap-brooke-davis-12935170-1280-720Lexie: I’m always ok.

Carter: You know you don’t always have to play the strong girl. You’re allowed to lean on someone.

Lexie: No, because whenever I let my guard down, I get clobbered. So, no I don’t need a shoulder to cry on, or a man to lean on.

Carter: I know you don’t need one, but how about you just humor me, and let me be the guy that takes care of you for once.ryan-gosling-ides-of-march

Lexie sighs and looks away.

Lexie: There is no way…

Carter: There’s no way… what?

Lexie: Forget it.

Carter: Ok…um…I guess I’ll just go then…(he goes to walk away then stops and turns back.)

I’m sorry I just have to know what’s the deal with you and Joe?

Lexie: There is no deal. (she’s pretending to sift through paper work)


Carter: Is that why you’re avoiding making eye contact with me, (leans against her desk and lifts her chin to meet his gaze.)


Lexie: I’m just busy.

Carter: Ah, busy?

Lexie: Yes.ryangosling-300x225

Carter: But you have time to talk to Joe?

Lexie huffs and glares at him

Carter: Are you trying to make me jealous? Because I have to say, it’s working.

Lexie laughs

Carter: There it is.

Lexie: What?

Carter: There’s my smile. (cups her face)


Lexie sighs


Carter: Look I know that you’re going through something, and I just want you to know that I’m here if you need-…I’m here if you want me to be.

Drive_2Lexie: (smiles) Thank you.

Carter: Did you really mean it when you said we were nothing?

Lexie: What do you think?

Carter: I honestly…I’m not sure…I mean you flip flop so much I…

Lexie: Of course I don’t think we’re nothing. I just don’t exactly know what we are.

Carter leans over and kisses her

-He exits-

Lexie stares after him, dumbfounded


Later that night Carter is online on his computer.

stock-footage-close-up-of-hands-typing-on-a-computer-keyboardCarter P.O.V

Something wouldn’t let me let it go. The fact that she and Joe have some sort of past that I don’t know about was pretty much enough to drive me completely insane so, I googled and I googled. I googled my ass off and even may have called in a few illegal favors of my own, and what I found was enough to make me want to kill him!


Carter rushes out of his house and jumps into his car



What did Carter find out?

And where is he headed to in such a rush?

PLUS more to come with Lexie’s secrets….will she finally tell Carter about his true identity?


Happy Saturday…

(And pssst….for anyone interested, Chapter 5 will be up tomorrow in a rare Sunday post…to make up for my two weeks of not updating.)

*I do not own any images, gifs, etc. All belong to their rightful owners/creators!*


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