Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 5

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…


Lexie sits in her bedroom finally relaxing and her phone begins to ring.


Lexie: Hello?0-ryan1

Carter: You were married?

Lexie: Oh god. (she covers her face) How did you find that out?

Carter: It’s called Google.

Lexie: All of that should have been taken down, at least I thought I paid someone to remove everything.

Carter: Yea well apparently they didn’t do the best  job. I mean I did have to pull a few strings but-

Lexie: You went snooping through my past?

Carter: What can I say I learned from the best. Besides it’s not as if you’d ever truly be honest with me right?

Lexie hears commotion on his side of the call

Lexie: Where are you?

Lexie’s door bell rings

Carter: I’m downstairs.

Lexie: Are you crazy? I’m not letting you up here.

Carter: Let me up.

Lexie: No.

Carter: Lexie.

Lexie: Carter I’m telling you right now, I’m not letting you in, just go home. I will talk to you about this tomorrow.

Carter: Fine, if you won’t let me in I’ll find another way in.

Lexie: You do realize I have security that can kick your ass right?

Carter: I do.

Lexie huffs and buzzes him in

She’s waiting for him at her door when he gets off the elevator

Carter notices her in her night gown, and looks her over

Carter: Really? (He gestures to her silk night gown lingerie.)


Lexie: God, (she realizes and ties her robe quickly) I didn’t exactly expect you.

Carter: Oh you didn’t… Maybe you were expecting Joe.

Lexie: Stop it. (she glares at him)

Carter: You didn’t think I’d ever find out? You never let me forget that I’m married, constantly making me feel like what I’m doing is so horrible when your just as bad. You never even thought to tell me that you were married??

Lexie: You are something else you know that? You forget you’re the one who’s still legally, “happily” married and you have the nerve to stand there and judge ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchme. Don’t push your insecurities and guilt on me! I didn’t exactly force you into this. If I remember correctly you made the first move.

Carter: (glares at her) Lexie. You were married! Married. And you never bothered to tell me that you were some other guy’s wife…and you claim to want a future with me…

Lexie: I do want a future with you… (mumbles) whether or not we actually get to have one is a different story…

Carter: (glares at her annoyed) How could you keep this from me?

Lexie: I have my reasons ok? You don’t know the full story.

Carter: And who’s fault is that?

Lexie: That’s not fair. I never forced you to tell me anything about your marriage.

Carter: Yea, because that was our arrangement… and you hated me talking about my wife.

Lexie: Ok so there you go, you proved my point, that was our arrangement. And I didn’t hate you talking about your wife, I just figured if we were gonna do this thing, it didn’t make sense. We were in this for the thrill of the present. Our pasts were never supposed to be a factor.

Carter: And neither was my wife, but you never stopped reminding me of her, did you? But Lexie, … our pasts are no longer in the past…they’re coming out. Besides we’re talking about building a future together … we can’t just focus on the present anymore, we have to talk about our pasts too. We have to get to know each other from all angles. Everything is a factor now. We’re in love. And if you wanna be with me,  I need you to talk to me.

Lexie: I think by now we’ve been intimate enough for you to realize that I’m not exactly good at the whole opening up thing.8f4546c1a3f40db05466f95e5b6856db

Carter: You don’t sayyy (he smirks)

Lexie: There are just some things that I don’t like to talk about, and my past with Joe is one of them. I just wish you could respect that. Nothing that happened with Joe, is going to affect how I feel about you, so why does it matter?

Carter: It all matters Lexie. I mean how can you say that your history with Joe doesn’t affect us. I mean you are who you are because of him, because of something you both went through. You guard your heart from the world like you’re waging war. And I know it’s because of him.

Lexie: It isn’t just because of him, I wouldn’t give him that much credit. (she rolls her eyes)

Carter: If you expect to have any kind of future with me, and I hope you do, that type of mentality, of not sharing your whole heart with someone, it doesn’t work for me. That’s really unhealthy, especially in a relationship. I just… I don’t understand how you can trust me with your body but you can’t trust me with your heart.

Lexie: (sighs heavily and her eyes begin to tear up) it’s just different ok? It’s physical, not emotional. I’m not so good with emotion.

Carter: Lexie…you’re kidding me right? You don’t think the physical part of our relationship includes emotion? I mean that’s as emotional as you can get.

Lexie: I didn’t mean it that way. I love you. You know that I love you, I’m done trying to hide that.

Carter: Could of fooled me.

Lexie: Carter-

Carter: You say you’re done hiding, but yet every time I get within a mile of your heart, your walls go up and you run.

Lexie: It’s not personal.

Carter: Oh please Lex, don’t give me the whole it’s not you it’s me crap ok? Just…just talk to me…

Lexie: Carter, there are dark skeletons in my closet ok? Things that you may not understand and if I tell you them you may never wanna be with me again.

Carter: Is that what you think?

Lexie shrugs

Lexie: I guess I’m just trying to prolong the inevitable.

Carter: Lexie… I’m not gonna leave you. We’ve been though A LOT of shit in the past year…together….and I’ve always found my way back to you. That has to count for something right?

Lexie: You deserve better than me. You have better then me. And she loves you.

Brooke-Davis-brooke-davis-16181060-400-225Carter: And I love you.

Lexie: And what am I just supposed to believe that all your feelings for Kelly are just gone…vanished into thin air?

Carter: No. I mean I’ll always love Kelly. But the same way that you and Joe don’t belong together anymore, I don’t think Kelly’s my destiny. I just think she was meant to prepare me for the real thing. (he kisses her)


Lexie: If I let you in…you better not break my heart…

Carter: I won’t.

Lexie: Because I just don’t think I could bounce back from that…not when it comes to you…

Carter: I’m not going anywhere, (smiles and hugs her)…besides I know you could easily kick my ass so…

They both laugh

Carter: Talk to me, please.

Lexie: (sighs heavily) Ok…you asked for it.

Carter: I did. (he pulls her into the chair across from her bed, and onto his lap)

Lexie: Joe and I met in high school. He was a jock and I was a cheerleader, so naturally the whole world thought we were a match made in high school heaven. Only high school wasn’t exactly heaven for me.

Carter: Why?

Lexie: Joe was a year older, and way more experienced then I was. And so when it came down to my first time, I was really nervous, and things just didn’t go as well as one would hope.

Carter: Meaning?

Lexie: Meaning that we probably weren’t as careful as we should have been?

Carter looks at her

Carter: You got pregnant?

Lexie: (Nods and begins to tear up) I was scared to death. I was only 16 and I remembered thinking that I wanted to do the right thing, I knew I wasn’t ready, but I knew that I could do it, if I really put my mind to it. And Joe was willing to step up, so we got married and I figured you know, I’d get a job, Joe would get a job and we’d make it work. My father wasn’t happy at all about the situation but he really admired Joe for attempting to step up. But when I went back to the doctor’s for a routine check up, after my first trimester… I found out that, I was no longer pregnant. And next thing I knew Joe was going off to college and I was left to pick up the pieces.

Carter: You miscarried?

Lexie: I didn’t even know it. I mean I was just a kid. They say that, you know you can usually feel that sort of thing, maybe not right off the bat, but you can sense something’s wrong. You know there’s usually a reason, but I had no idea. How’s that for mother’s intuition?

Carter: You couldn’t have known. This wasn’t your fault.

Lexie: I didn’t understand what could have happened. I did everything I was supposed to do, I ate right, I took all my vitamins, and I just lost it. I know that it wasn’t my fault, the doctors told me that I couldn’t have prevented it. But for a while I blamed myself and in turn I blamed Joe for leaving and going after his future, when I couldn’t even fathom having one.

Carter: I’m so sorry (eyes begin to tear) I had no idea that you were carrying this kind of thing around.

Lexie: No it’s fine…you know what they say, no use in crying over something you’re never meant to have. (wiping her tears)

Carter: I don’t believe you were never meant to have it.

Lexie: Really?

Carter: Yea. I just think that maybe it wasn’t the right time, and he wasn’t the right guy.

Lexie: And you think you are?

Carter: I think I could be, if you’d give us half a chance.

Lexie: And what about your wife?

Carter: I’m getting really tired of hearing you ask that.

Lexie: Well I think it’s a valid question Carter…

Carter: Not anymore. (he grabs her and kisses her.)

^ Let’s just pretend that’s Carter aka Ryan Gosling haha ^
Happy Sunday!
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