Dear Opposite Sex, Made your resolution?… Check it twice

So with the New Year rolling in everyone seems to be making their resolutions, so guys out there is cyberspace why not look to improve your “courting” skills…because based on this generation’s definition of dating, you need some serious help! 😉

5 Things Girls Wish Guys Still Did…

1.) Open doors


I know it’s the oldest gentlemen act in the book, but it’s still something that I think should be a part of at least “the courting stages”…but then again I don’t think courting should be a stage. I think all the things you do when you’re trying to win over a girl, should be all the things you still do while you’re trying to keep her!

2.) Compliment her


I don’t mean it has to be every second of everyday… but if you’re going out together and you realize she’s all dressed up…understand some work went into getting ready, and just shoot her a little “you look nice.” It’s not that hard, and it’ll make her night!

3.) Pull out her chair


I NEVER see this anymore and I think that’s so sad. It’s just a cute little gesture that says I’ve got this for you, I can take care of you.

4.) Flowers for no reason


It’s just something that says, Hey it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day or our Anniversary for me to want to tell you that I love you, or that I value having you in my life.

5.) Take the curbside of the sidewalk



I don’t know why but I’ve always found this to be the ultimate act of a gentlemen. It’s basically saying you’re safe with me.

**But just to be clear…these are NOT deal breakers…if your guy does one or two of these on occasion, consider yourself lucky. And if he doesn’t do any, it doesn’t matter as long as he treats you right. The feminist side of me says well, I can take care of myself, but the romantic side of me realizes the truth is, it’s all in the attempt. If a guy attempts to do these things for you, it’s sweet and a girl will appreciate it. And if she doesn’t well then, I guess your off the hook! haha.**

Happy Resolution Keeping Folks!

-I do not take any credit for any images used!-


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