Old i-Pod Jams…


So today I go to take a shower and I usually put my i-Pod on to listen to…and while Justin Timberlake’s
“Lovestoned” begins playing….it abruptly stops before the soap even suds. Low Battery..ain’t it a bitch.

Justin barely got past… “She grabs the yellow bottle, she likes the way it hit her lips…”

Anyway needless to say it was a song-less shower for me…

So naturally I finish up and go to into my room to get dressed

I put my i-Pod on my deck to charge and then I get a music light-bulb


Damn girl…where have you been?

And all of a sudden I want to listen to her music, but all I have on my new i-Pod is stuff from her current album the one with “Well, Well, Well” on it…and let’s just say I was more of a “Stepping Stone” girl.

So I break into the old dingy, probably dusty, silver i-Pod nano… My first introduction into the apple world…the small leap from a disc-men or walk-men, and the giant leap from my *NSYNC and Britney Spears 2 second song hit clips, I can’t tell you how many times, I used to play that shit just to hear the chorus to “This I promise you”…

Anyway as I put my old i-Pod on, my room was filled with Duffy’s voice and a whole bunch of memories as I scrolled through the artist list. I think it’s safe to say that i-Pod consists of a ton of One Tree Hill/ The OC featured music, and a whole lotta rock bands that I probably can’t stomach listening to  much anymore. With the exception of their old stuff, I mean honestly you don’t even wanna know how I just freaked out dancing to Fall Out Boy’s “This Ain’t a Scene It’s an Arm’s Race,” and then there’s “Sugar We’re Going Down” and yes I was Singin’. I think that with age comes the great expectation of wisdom. And as I sat here listening to my old i-Pod jams, I was reminded of something, quite hysterical actually…

That awkward moment when you realize you used to be a really big My Chemical Romance fan  and wore a lot of black eyeliner, and bought every shirt with a skull on it…wait was I goth that one point in my life? haha #letyourfreakflagflyyy

Although I have to say dipping into my past music vibes is also freakin’ awesome!
It always manages to help me rediscover some awesome since forgotten songs…

The one thing I can say about my musical taste is that it is quite a cluster fudge of genres…

We have the usual suspects of course…*NSYNC, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears…90′s GA-LORE!!!!

Bands that I once claim to love (thank you OTH/The OC/High school) like Fall Out Boy, Augustana, Jack’s Mannequin, Snow Patrol, Coldplay)… and The Fray whom still today I await their new album and consider them my favorite band.

A random slew of American Idol contestant music (thank you lime wire) 😉

And last but not least we take it back a little to the days of Motown where my parents influences really hit home, as The Jackson 5, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and The Temptations sway their way in…

My current shuffle favs…

“Too Close”- Next

“Best day of my life”- Dido

“You Oughta Know”- Alanis Morrisette (wasn’t this the original breakup song? ;))

“That’s the way it is”- Celine Dion (special place in the heart for Celine, guys, special place)

“Let’s get it on”- Gavin Degraw (Marvin Gaye cover) *the original is floatin’ around on there, I’m sure of it*

“Heartless”- Kris Allen (Kanye West cover) *the original is NOT floatin’ around on there, I’m not so sure of it* haha

“One More Chance”- Jackson 5

“Finally”- Cece Peniston

“Waterfalls”- TLC (Yessssss!!!!)

“I could fall in love with you”- Selena (HELLLL YESSSS!!!)

“I need some action”- Lady Saw

Ok so maybe I had quite a decent reggae collection too 😉

So I tried to find a pic from my goth phase...but I guess it wasn't documented too well, but I did find this pic...I spot a skull and a touch of black eyeliner ;)

So I tried to find a pic from my “goth phase”…but I guess it wasn’t documented too well, but I did find this pic…I spot a skull and a touch of black eyeliner 😉


Music Flashback with old i-Pod Jams

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