Mysterious Attraction Ch. 6 Part 2

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Husband vs Wife

While Lexie hashes it out with Reeves… Carter comes home to find Kelly has dinner cooking, and the table set for two.

Kelly enters the room in a slinky dress

Kelly: Hey, you’re home. (smiling brightly)gh-02-14-12-1

Carter: Yea…hey. (looks around confused)

Kelly comes over to him and kisses him

Carter: (pushing her away) Kelly…I can’t do this.

Kelly: Do what?

Carter: I can’t pretend anymore.

Kelly: Is it because of Lexie?

Carter: Why would you say that?

9fb3dc4add631c5c5a0ee75b3afb5976Kelly: I’m not stupid Carter, I saw the panic in your eyes when I showed up today. I saw how you looked at her.

Carter: Kelly I-

Kelly: And I heard you… I heard you tell her that you have to be with her.

Carter: Kelly….I’m sorry.

Kelly: You’re sorry?

Carter looks down

Kelly: How long?

Carter: Kelly?

Kelly: How long?

Carter: On and off for a year and a half.

Kelly: Oh my god. (doubling back, tearing up, gasping as she grabs her chest)lante-baby2

Carter: I didn’t want you to find out this way…

Kelly: Well…a year and a half…it seems like you didn’t want me to find out at all!

Carter: I didn’t want to have this conversation. I didn’t want to hurt you.

Kelly: That’s a bunch of bullshit, and you know it! I guess it was all a matter of time….before you retaliated. Silly me, I thought we actually moved past everything that happened between us.

Carter: Moved past what? Your betrayal? (glares at her) Come on Kell- you and I- we never should have gotten married. Only I was too stupid and blinded that I didn’t see it.

Kelly: See what?

Carter: (screams) That you never loved me!

Kelly: That’s not true! How can you say that!

Carter: It is true, it is. Deep down you know that it is.

Kelly: (crying) How could you possibly say that? After everything we’ve had together…after-

Carter: 5 MONTHS Kell…5 MONTHS of marriage and you couldn’t hack it.

Kelly: I understand I made a huge mistake. But it was just that…a mistake. I regretted it from the minute that it happened. And I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life trying to make it up to you…but you won’t let me in! And now I know why. You’ve been screwing your boss. I guess that’s how you pave a way for yourself, huh? She’s a classy board that Lexie….although I gotta say she lacks originality.

Carter: Don’t you dare. Leave her out of this.

Kelly: Oh I’m sorry are you offended by my insults of your mistress.

Carter: That’s funny…because she’s felt more like my wife then you ever have…

Kelly’s face drops and her face turns cold

6a00d83451b72b69e20115701228e4970b-320wiKelly: (dumbfounded and crying) I can’t believe you right now…who are you?

Carter: I’m the man who’s tired of being used as your punching bag…Besides your problem’s with me so like I said… leave her out of it.

Kelly: So what now…your just gonna leave me for her. What do you really think is gonna happen? I mean what do you really think you and New York City’s greatest mob princess are gonna get married and live happily ever. Carter, please if you were gonna cheat aim a little higher…

Carter: Oh you mean like you…when you nailed the first bartender you got your hands on.

Kelly glares at him

Carter: (paces the room) You have NO room to judge. You strayed first. This distance between us, you created it. So don’t you dare put that on me.

Kelly: You’re not exactly innocent here, Carter?

Carter: Who are you kidding here Kell- I fought for you. I fought like hell to put us back together. And against my better judgement against the feeling in my gutt, against my heart screaming to run…I stayed. And now I can’t figure out why. And in the grand scheme of things I can’t figure out why you wanted me to.

Kelly: Well I asked you to stay because I love you. And I thought you stayed because you love me. I thought we meant something to each other.

Carter: We did. And in a way I guess we still do. I do still love you Kell,  but-

Kelly: But what…why can’t we just put all this behind us and start over?

Carter: Because it’s not the same.

Kelly: But it can be…(reaches for him)

Carter: (moves away) No it can’t.

Kelly: Why not?

Carter: Because I’m in love with Lexie.

Kelly stops and looks up at him

Carter: I meant what I said to her…I have to be with her. Which means that we-

Kelly: Are you saying that you want a divorce?

Carter: I don’t see any other option at this point.

Kelly: I can’t believe this is happening, (hugs herself and sinks to the floor).

Carter: (kneeling down beside her) Kelly, I don’t want to hurt you. This wasn’t my intention. I didn’t seek Lexie out hoping to get back at you…meeting her was an accident and the attraction between us…it just…it just happened.

Kelly: I can’t hear this, (covers her ears).

Carter: I’m sorry, but I just…I think it was a sign that we’re better off apart. You weren’t the one for me, and I’m not the one for you.

Kelly: Speak for yourself.

Carter: Kelly…don’t do this ok? This is hard enough…

Kelly: But I love you…

Carter: No. I think you love the idea of me.

Kelly: No. I love you.

Carter: Well I’m sorry…but I just don’t feel it anymore.

Kelly: You don’t love me?

Carter: Like I said before we’ll always be linked in some way. But it’s not the same. So much has changed. I’ll always love you…but I’m just not…I’m just not-

Kelly: Just not what?

Carter: I’m just not in love with you anymore.

Kelly shuts her eyes tightly and buries her head in her knees as she sobs, sitting on the floor.

Kelly: (looking up at Carter) But you are in love with Lexie?

Carter: I am.

Kelly stands and walks away from Carter

Carter follows

Kelly:(turning back toward Carter)  And does she love you?

Carter: Yea, she does.

Kelly: She’s gonna break your heart.

Carter:(shaking his head) No she’s not.

Kelly: Yes she will. People like her…they only look out for themselves.

Carter: Well, then you don’t know Lexie.

Kelly: She’s gonna break your heart.

Carter: Well I don’t think so. But if by some chance she does, it’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Kelly: Why?

Carter: The risk is part of the reward. And I take my biggest risks when it comes to love. You should know that.

Kelly: I do (shakes her head in disbelief of Carter’s kind character) ….God if she thinks she’s getting you without a fight. She’s got another thing coming.

Carter: I don’t think you wanna go up against Lexie. She doesn’t like to lose.

julie_marie_berman_general_hospital_may_5_2010_UJojpy1.sizedKelly: (smirking) Neither do I.

Carter: Kell- this isn’t a game, ok?

Kelly: Who’s laughing…

Carter: Kelly…

Kelly: In order for you to be granted a divorce, both parties have to want it, and well I don’t. I won’t sign the paperwork. I just won’t. (crosses her arms)

Carter: Kelly don’t go there. I don’t want this to get ugly. But it will, if it has to.

Kelly: (in a burst of anger) Well then you shouldn’t have cheated!

Carter: Neither should have you.

Kelly: (crying) Carter- please, please…I don’t want this. Please just give me one more chance.

Carter: Kelly it wouldn’t matter. We just- we don’t work anymore. It would just be like pouring salt in an old wound. It’d be more painful then anything. We’d be setting ourselves up for failure and I won’t do that to you or myself. I won’t give you false hope.

Kelly: But I don’t know what my life looks like without you.

Carter: Maybe that’s part of the problem. Instead of loving me, you leaned on me. Maybe it’s time you learn to depend on yourself.

Kelly: You’re the only man I ever loved.

Carter: Well maybe that just wasn’t enough…Look it’s getting late and I have someplace to be-

Kelly: Oh…I wonder where (laughs sarcastically)

Carter: I’ll have my lawyer draw up the papers…you’ll have them by tomorrow morning.

Kelly: (weeping) Carter?

imagesCarter: Goodbye Kelly…I’m sorry… but trust me this is how it has to be. I have faith that one day you’ll be able to thank me.

Carter ExitsMV5BMTkwOTM0NzE1NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTA2MTMzNw@@._V1._SX624_SY351_

Kelly sinks to her couch, speechless, and crying.



Lexie sits in her living room in front of her fireplace. She looks at her phone. No messages. She gets up and starts to pace the room.

Lexie’s Thoughts:OTH_060

Ok deep breaths Lexie. He’s going to come back to you. He loves you. But she is still his wife and they have a lot to discuss. Oh god-What if she convinces him to stay with her again? What if you lose him? What if-

Ryan-Gosling-in-Gangster-Squad-1Carter: Hey-

Lexie’s snapped back into reality

Lexie: Hi, (smiles)

Carter: You ok?

Lexie: Yea.

Carter walks toward her and wraps his arms around her waist

Lexie: So how’d it go?

Carter: Hold that thought for a second, (kisses her).

Lexie smiles

Carter: It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done- but she’ll eventually learn why I did it. It was the best thing for the both of us.

Lexie nods

Carter: I called my lawyer he’s drawing up the papers as we speak, and we’ll both be faxed them by tomorrow morning.

Lexie: Wow. So this is really happening?

Carter: Yea it is…why? are you getting cold feet on me?

Lexie: Nope…Nice and toasty…I got my fuzzy slippers on (she smiles as they both laugh)

Carter: So…(he takes her hand and leads her over to the couch, sitting down and pulling her onto his lap) how was your talk with your dad?

Lexie: Surprisingly…it went really well. I think we really hit the root of everything and got a lot out in the air. It was good. I said things that I really needed to say and things he really needed to hear. And I think  maybe just maybe he realizes I’m a grown woman who can make her own decisions.

Carter: Whoa. That’s progress…so what’d he think of you and me? Should I be watching my back for the rest of time?

Lexie: No. I’ll protect you. (Carter smiles at her) Besides I pretty much explained to him that as a grown woman making her own decisions…falling in love with you has been at the top of my list.

Carter: (smiles) Best decision you ever made.

Lexie: No argument here, (smiles and kisses him).

Stick with Mysterious Attraction…a lot more to come!

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