Inspiration <3

Within the last couple of days I recently came across some really amazing videos…that just resonated with me. So I just thought I’d share. My facebook page has literally been plagued with these videos in hopes that others will see all they have to offer…sometimes just hearing someone speak about the issues you feel so many of us face is enough to make you feel a little lighter that day…so I hope this makes your day lighter…


This first one is a very motivational speech by actress/activist Sophia Bush. I’ve been a Sophia Bush fan since her early days on One Tree Hill. And I’ve noticed just how much she cares about those around her. The idea that she had a huge part in the “0 is not a size” campaign that her character Brooke Davis features in her clothing line, made me really happy to call myself her fan. In this speech Sophia talks about inner beauty in which she says; “We get gorgeous when we get conscious, we get confident when we get concerned, life is about consumption.” I can’t say much else other then the fact that I really love when women realize just how strong they are, and just how much we can do for ourselves and the world. Body image has always been an issue that falls mostly upon the female audience and the media does little to help us realize that your outer self isn’t as important as your inner self. But every so often there’s a ray of light. A small glimmer in that one person who uses media and social networking sites to go beyond their everyday routine in order to spread awareness and pride amongst young women. What a great role model!

*You can catch Sophia Bush playing badass Detective Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD on Wednesdays @10 on NBC…

I’ll be watching tonight!

det lindsay


This next video was posted on Z100’s facebook, and in between the celebrity news this shined through. This girl has shown so many sides to what girls, women (and boys & men) go through… and it’s a true eye opener…it is brilliant and inspirational. I just want to touch upon a few key parts … “you don’t need any miracle cream to keep your passion smooth…or diet pills to slim your kindness down, and when you start to drown in these pity expectations you better re-examine the miracle of your existence because you are worth so much more then your waist line.”  She’s definitely someone to look out for, she’s got a great mind, and that’s what we as girls and women need to focus on. The fact that our minds are creative, they are full of ideas and talent, and using them to the best of our abilities is more rewarding then any gratification a compliment from a man can give us.

*Visit her youtube channel HERE

slam poem


This last video, is about the latest media phenomenon… the #selfie. I am guilty of taking selfies, as I am sure most of us are. Sometimes, if you’re having a good hair day or you like your outfit, you wanna capture it. But then again I’ve taken the bummy selfie too, ya know the days your in sweats, wearing your glasses, drinking tea, and curled up watching a movie. The selfie isn’t a bad thing. And this video proves just how amazing the act of taking a selfie can be. I won’t give anything away, but the way this video indulges in the selfie, is such a creative and beautiful concept.  “When [the other girls] said they were insecure about things, those were the things that made them different. The things that make them different, make them unique and that made them beautiful.”

*So ladies (and gents) take them selfies with no shame! 😀 (and props to Dove for making just a great documentary)



Happy Wednesday!


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