Mysterious Attraction Ch. 6 Part 3

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cexieLexie wakes up the next morning to find Carter cooking in the Kitchen

Lexie: Hey you

Carter: Hey sleepy head, I was hoping to bring you breakfast in bed, (walks over to her and hands her a cup of coffee)

312913_1255639634297_fullLexie: thank you, (kisses him)

Carter: Did you sleep well?tumblr_llxyiaV2Gp1qi1okwo1_500

Lexie: Like a baby. (smiles) I’ll tell ya not having to wake up and head to that dreadful office is a seriously amazing feeling.

Carter: I know what you mean…but there is one more thing to consider…what about your team?

Lexie: Well I mean they really work for the business, so I’m sure my father will take care of all that.

Carter: Well I just thought you’d wanna give them a farewell of some kind ya know? I mean they have been working for you mostly and ok maybe I don’t care much for Joe, (they both laugh) but Brice is a pretty good guy. I just think  deserves an explanation.

312913_1255639617404_fullLexie: Ugh I hate it when you’re right. But Brice has been great, you know I always thought he wasn’t really cut out for this business either. He’s got good instincts and a really good heart. I’d hate to see something bad happen to him.

Carter: Well maybe you can offer him a new job, once you  get your fashion empire rolling.

Lexie: (laughs) Yea well I don’t think that Brice is willing to be out of a job for the next couple years.

Carter: Oh come on. It’s not gonna take you years to pull this off. You’re much too determined to lie in wait. Make it happen.

Lexie: You’re right. Luck doesn’t mean a thing in this world. It’s all about believing you can do it.

Carter: That’s my girl, Cheers (smiles and clinks his coffee cup to hers)ryan-gosling-320

Lexie: Will you come with me…to talk to Brice?

Carter: Of course, I’d like to see him myself. He always had my back, now it’s time I have his. But- breakfast first.

Lexie: Yes, of course…this looks amazing, (smiles and sits down to eat)


Meanwhile at the office Reeves calls a major meeting, both Joe and Brice are in attendance along with the rest of the “employees”


Reeves: Many of you are probably wondering why I’ve called this meeting and well I think you’ve come to the realization that Lexie isn’t in today. And neither is Carter.

Joe: Reeves, is she ok?d32b6a169f75d21786e3c49b057131e5

Reeves: She’s perfect. Lexie has decided to remove herself from the business.  And I could  not be more proud of her. She has found a happy life and I support that. She’s my only child and having her involved in this hasn’t been easy. I never wanted this life for her. With that being said, many of you may have heard things concerning Lexie and Carter. And I think well that’s up to the two of them to decide whether or not they wish to enlighten all of you. All you need to know for now is that Lexie is no longer apart of the business and neither is Carter. I also understand that this may not be what you want for yourselves either. And I ask you to think long and hard and if you choose to leave… Understand that, there will be no hard feelings. This isn’t the kind of life I’d wish on anyone. That’ll be all for today, please let me know if you come to any decisions.

The employees disperse and go off in their own little groups. Sipping on coffee and breakfast foods. Brice leans quietly against the back wall with a cup of coffee in his hands.

-Jensen-jensen-ackles-30582603-800-450Joe: Hey

Brice nods his way

Joe: Don’t tell me you’re considering skipping out?

Brice: Would that be such a bad thing?

Joe: Hell yes. Think about it. The whole reason you’re in this job is because you couldn’t get a job anywhere else. I mean you don’t have a college degree right? Not many jobs look at you if you don’t have that piece of paper.

Brice looks at him

Joe: Just think about it…this is as good as it gets for us.tumblr_me6nebgABc1rb0pjco1_500

Joe slaps him on the shoulder and starts to walk away

Brice: But didn’t you go to college…(Joe turns back towards him) so what’s your excuse?

Joe makes a face

Both men notice Lexie

Brice: Let it go man…you made your choice a long time ago, and now she’s made hers. Stop chasing something that isn’t there.

Joe walks away annoyed

Lexie stands in the door way with Carter342284_1262508441218_500_282

Lexie walks over to her dad

Lexie: Hey dad.

Reeves: Hey Princess. What are you doing here?

Lexie: Just tying up some loose ends. Do you mind if I have a word with everyone?

Reeves: Absolutely, go right ahead.

Lexie looks at Carter

Ryan-Gosling-in-Gangster-Squad-1Lexie: Dad, (takes Carter’s hand) You remember Carter.

Reeves: Yes,(shakes his hand) you take care of my little girl.

Carter: All do respect sir, but she doesn’t need me to. But I’ll certainly always be there to support her.

Lexie smiles at him

Reeves: (smiles) Good man. (he nods)020209_sbrown_ghsneakpeek_240x320

Lexie: Ok well… play nice. I’ll be right back.

Lexie: Um hi everyone. Can I just have your attention for a minute?

The crowd turns to her

Lexie: I know my father’s filled you in already. But I just felt like I owed you all more than having my father tell you I was leaving. I want to thank you all for putting up with me. (laughs) I realize that I haven’t been the easiest boss to work for. And I’ve also realized that the ruthless side of me was someone who was hiding behind grief. Not many of you know this but my mother was killed in a crossfire in our now abandoned warehouse. She was killed by Skully and his men. And because of losing her I found a way to shut off all that pain by seeking revenge. And the way I saw to do that was by joining forces with my father. My father’s a brilliant man, and deep down he has a good soul, but the ideas between right and wrong have long been forgotten. I love my father. But I can’t fight this battle anymore. It’s not the life I want for myself, and I know it’s not the life  my mother would want for me. It’s also not the life I want for any of you. Now you make your own decisions. But as my father said he wouldn’t wish this life on anyone. So I urge you, if you have even the slightest doubt about making this your life, get out now, before it’s too late. Thank you for your assistance and your hard work. You all have so much more to offer the world. I just hope you realize that. Best of luck.

Joe walks up to Lexie

Handsome-actor_Jensen-AcklesJoe: So uh, you and Mr. Perfect here, are a public thing now? What’s his wife think?

Carter: Don’t go there. You don’t know a damn thing about our relationship.

Joe: Yours and Lexie’s? or Yours and your wives?[] brooke davis, curly hair 159802

Lexie: Enough ok Joe. When are you ever going to get it? You lost. Now grow up and get over it. (takes Carter’s hand and walks away)

Reeves smiles at Lexie’s boldness

He walks slowly over to Joe

Reeves: You know green isn’t a good color on you Joe.

Joe: Oh come on Reeves. You can’t honestly support that relationship.

Reeves: My daughter’s happy…and I support that.

Joe laughs

gh2Reeves: (leans in and whispers) My daughter’s completely capable of handling you. This I know for sure. But what you need to know is she’s much kinder then me. So if you have any intention of ruining her happiness, I will ruin you.

Joe looks at him dumbfounded

Reeves: Got it? (smiles, pats him on the back and walks away)

Lexie and Carter walk over to Brice

Lexie: Hey Brice

Brice: Ms. Lexie. Good to see you.

Lexie: You can just call me Lexie. (smiles)

Brice: Right, (laughs) Hey Carter

Carter: How ya doin’ man? (shakes his hand)

Lexie: Carter and I were talking and, if you’re interested…I’m looking to start my own fashion company. I know it’s not exactly a 342284_1262508441218_500_282guy’s dream, (laughs) But I mean we’re gonna need some movers and stock employees. So maybe you’d like to still work for me? I promise I won’t be a tyrant.

Brice: You were never a tyrant. (laughs)

Carter: (laughs) Good man.

Lexie playfully hits Carter’s arm

Brice: It sounds like a great offer, but I just don’t know if I’m cut out for anything else…

Lexie: Yes you are…you really are…please just…think about it?

Brice nods

tumblr_me6nebgABc1rb0pjco1_500Brice: Hey…I’m happy for you two…you seem happy

Lexie and Carter exchange smiles

Lexie: We are. Thank you… Maybe it’s time you find your happiness?

Lexie and Carter walk away hand in hand

Brice watches in wonder of his future

***Carter and Lexie walk outside and Lexie breathes a sign of relief***

Carter: Feel better?

Lexie: You were absolutely right. That was something I needed to do. I feel like the dark cloud over us is finally passing.

Carter: Good. Seeing you happy, makes me happy.

Lexie: (smiles) I just hope that Brice takes the offer. Or even if he doesn’t I just hope he gets out somehow. He deserves better. They all do.

Carter: Well you did the best you could. You know, ultimately the decision is up to them.

Lexie: I know. But it felt good to be able to impart some kind of wisdom upon them. I know I’m not the best  source for advice, but I have learned a lot in my life.

Carter: You did the right thing. I’m proud of you.

Lexie: Thanks for sticking by me.

Carter: Always. (grabs both her hands in his)

Lexie smiles

Carter: Listen… about your mom…I’m so sorry…I had no idea…why didn’t you tell me-

Lexie: I wanted to, I was going to…I just…It’s difficult to talk about.

Carter nods

Carter’s phone starts ringing

Carter sighs

Lexie: It’s ok, you should take it, it’s probably your lawyer.

ryan-gosling-gangster-squad-set-10Carter: Ok, but I wanna talk more about this later ok? Can we do that, please?

Lexie: Of course. (kisses him on the cheek)

Carter: (smiles at her and answers his phone) Hello?…What do you mean? … How is that possible?… Can she do that?

Carter sighs heavily

Lexie looks concerned

Carter: Yea… Ok, yea I’ll see you in an hour… Ok thanks, Bye.Brooke-Davis-7x16-Screencap-brooke-davis-12935170-1280-720 (hangs up)

Lexie: What happened?

Carter: The dark cloud may be passing by, but before it fully does it’s gonna rain all over us.

Lexie: What does that mean?

Carter: (sighs) Kelly’s refusing to sign the divorce papers.

STAY TUNED! Chapter 7 coming your way Next Friday!

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