25 SIGNS you may be obsessed with Justin Timberlake


So it’s been about a mere few weeks since my last Justin Timberlake post…

clearly I was due for one soon! So let’s get down to business shall we?

25 Signs you may be OBSESSED with Justin Timberlake

1. When You love something…You LOVEEEEEE something! (hence monthly Justin related blog posts)

2. Undeniable loyalty to music. (7 years brah 7 years waiting on him, that’s dedication)

3. Fangirling isn’t just a word…it’s a lifestyle… #truestory

4. When it comes to Justin bashing…you will fight anyone, anytime….(NO Fatima, Beyonce is NOT more popular than Justin Timberlake! ahaha sorry girl.)

5. If by some crazy unimaginable chance Justin Timberlake asked you out… You would consider being “the other woman” for him and him only…(haha *sorry jess*…p.s. have you guys heard the whole James Franco asking a TEEN to meet up with him…at least I’m in my 20’s… haha)

6. Upon the many celebrity names on your “elevator list”(google it)…Justin is in first place… (again *sorry jess*)

7. You will take “selfies” with a wax figure Justin if it looks like you met him/makes you look like a couple.

[See…this photo]


Oh hey joey in the back!

[and This photo…]


Damn it Justin, change your clothes 😉

8. You could get away with the excuse “But mom…it’s Justin” and she actually buys it…(hence back when the Justified Tour happened and I wanted tickets…thanks mom you rock!)

wpid-20140328_140117.jpg   wpid-20140328_140125.jpg

9. Your brother would pay well over the suitable amount for a birthday gift just so you and your best friend could go see Justin’s Legends of the Summer Tour because after-all it was a 7 year hiatus and you’ve missed him so terribly much.

10. Your friends/family support your obsession…

[See… this birthday card]


Mind you, my brother got me this card and felt the need to write “P.S. J.T. is a fruitcake”

[and… this birthday card]



Granny holding a pair of big granny panties… and it says “These are the ones I’m going to throw at Justin Timberlake” hahaha #imnotthatold

11. You have an inner thug side during his relationship revenge songs that you have to let out whenever you hear them…and you understand that it’s always always ok to belt out the lyrics to “Cry Me a River.”


cry me a river gif

12. You try to match Justin’s falsetto…


and nail it every time. 😉

13. Your first concert was an *NSYNC  concert, and you understand that You’re never too old to spread your love for *NSYNC… even in 2014.


I was an itty bitty 10 year old!

Apparently I was an itty bitty 10 year old! #10yearold*NSYNC t-shirt

Backstreet Boys who?

14. It’s ok to dance in the middle of the sidewalk if “Rock Your Body” is playing on your i-Pod or… just simply… in your head.

15. Your love for Michael Jackson only fuels your love for Justin Timberlake and his current album; The 20/20 Experience…(if you are a fan of both, you will understand this.)

justina nd michael

16. You own several items of clothing that state that you are in fact “Mrs. Timberlake” or “Future Mrs. Timberlake” (shit i may still be able to rock the latter if my elevator list pans out… – jesus there i go again *sorry jess*) 😉


17. Your walls were covered (and I mean covered) in*NSYNC/Justin posters as a young tween/teen.

nsync-195008 Justin_Timberlake

shirtless pics…shhhh (sharing secrets)

18. You hated Britney Spears (even though you still secretly loved her) when she and Justin broke up. (seriously though…who cheats on Justin Timberlake?)

team jt

19. When Justin has his asshole moments, you call him out on it..via twitter of course…because let’s face it you were offended…and he owes you an apology…LMAOOOO

[See… my angry vma tweets]

tweet 1

tweet 2

tweet 3

tweet 4

tweet 5

tweet 6

Seriously though I was clearly going through something… that was some hardcore fangirling right there, LMAOOOOOOO [the feud between Justin and I has been long since been put to rest ;)]

20. You own way too much Justin Timberlake memorabilia and still don’t mind collecting more.

[See… my 300,000 Justin T-shirts and my specially self-made Justified concert outfit…yea i got some looks…haters gonna hate…#noshame ;)]

wpid-20140323_195641.jpg wpid-20140323_195703.jpg


wpid-20140323_195809.jpg   wpid-20140323_195859.jpg

(FYI… i didn’t even include my 2020 tour shirts! BUT you may have seen them in

previous JT related posts)

BUT the collection continues growing…

I just got this for my birthday this past weekend and it's amazing and more than accurate!

I just got this for my birthday this past weekend and it’s amazing and more than accurate! Thank you shout out to my girl Lauren! 😀

21. You sat through “Black Snake Moan” just because he was in it. (haha sorry J, but I’m more of a “Friends with Benefits” movie genre girl.)

Seriously though....him in FWB...yum ;)

Seriously though….him in FWB…yum 😉

22. You still consider *NSYNC’s Christmas album…the shit (I mean cuz who doesn’t)…and you may or may not own their Christmas ornament. 😉

944736_10202256131705905_2044036087_n  wpid-IMG_20131221_004350.jpg

23. You owned maybe two hit clip cartridges (if you have to google it, I am sorry you were unable to relish in such an invention ahaha), and your favorite was *NSYNC’s “This I promise you.”

24. You feel like if you ever met Justin, you’d either piss your pants or become mute.

25. You stood across the street from the mtv studios building for hours to witness the taping of the last episode of TRL with your friends (even when you really had to pee…like really really had to pee) just to catch a glimpse of Justin and JC (post *NSYNC).


Oh and just in case you haven’t noticed already (I mean it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?)…this is really MY 25 signs and to tell you the truth I could probably think of 25 more…it’s a lifetime of signs really.


26. You used to make your dad slow down every time you passed “Justin Ave” in Staten Island…just so you could finally try to take a pic…because you thought it was cool…

justin ave.


And now you’ve realized I’m insane.

So I’m gonna make like a tree and leave.


confessions of a Justin-aholic

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