The silence around you

The only positive part to cleaning my room is finding old writing that actually seems like it deserves a second look…stumbled upon this little one a few days ago, not sure how long ago I wrote this but a few tweaks and home girl is ready for posting…hope you enjoy! 😉



Take a moment

Listen closely to the sounds that surround you

the sound of wine being poured into a glass

the sound of two glasses clinking

the sound of children laughing

the sound of tires rolling on a highway

the sound of fall leaves crunching beneath your feet

the sound of crisp white snow forming into a snowball

the sound of a new cry welcomed to earth

the sound of gentle rain trickling down a tin roof

the sound of birds chirping

the sound of wind’s passing kiss

the sound of two lovers breathless whispers

take a moment

listen closely

hidden in the silence

hidden in the emptiness

hidden in the darkness

there is happiness

in many shapes

in many forms

in many faces

in many actions

in many sounds

Take a moment

Listen closely

Listen to the silence around you

it speaks volumes

beyond all imagination

Just listen







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