Ok…um, found my soulmate

Waddup cyberspace!!!!441265300_640

So if you read this blog at all…

or even if you peak in once in a while…

you more than likely know

I’m a huge *NSYNC fan and by extension a HUGE Justin Timberlake fan.


So you know…. last year’s VMA’s… I was on that shit like white on rice, and while I’ve said my very emotional piece in a previous post about how I felt about it, and I won’t be going back there…

I recently came across this youtuber…who I feel like totally got it!

Who totally gets the essence and the greatness that is *NSYNC.


We are kindred spirits.

And so I just had to share….

if I had recorded my reactions to both the news of the *NSYNC reunion and the 2013 VMA performance I imagine they would go a little something like this…


So yea, I think I’ve found my soulmate


too bad he just got engaged 😉


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