Celebrated my 23rd Birthday in the 80’s!

-80-s-style-Madonna-the-80s-19076015-567-555The bigger the hair the bettertumblr_la8dsjuCYg1qe1rwso1_400

the hairspray

the overdone eyeshadow

the neons, the animal prints, the denim

it’s all part of the illusion.

I always say how I wish I could live a day (or longer) in every major decade. There’s just something so interesting to me about exploring the way other young people used to live, to experience all the difference fashions, foods, music, and other decor. Don’t get me wrong, I was born in the 90’s and I love being a 90’s baby…boy bands and tamagotchi all the wayyyyy… but I love the 80’s too! And being that I grew up with a brother who was born in the late 80’s, a lot of the 80’s spilled over into the early 90’s, so I was able to remember some things. However, being so young I never really got to “Rock the 80’s.” I didn’t get to dress like Madonna, or do test tube shots with my best friends. So when my 23rd birthday started to roll around, I decided what better way to celebrate then by Rocking the 80’s with some of my best friends. I kept it a Girl’s Night because we all seriously deserved one! I shot some vlog footage to better showcase the experience and to help any other future 80’s party throwers out there. Because trust me I had to do a lot of research for this party!

I love to play hostess, I love to plan parties. My mom always tells me event planning is my true calling. But to me, it’s more of a hobby. I love entertaining and putting together something that I think people will enjoy. I like creating a space that feels different then everyday life. However, let me give you the full 411 on my experience planning parties…

5 steps to entertaining (and entertaining well)

1. Decor (helps to have a theme)

*I ordered most of my 80’s decorations from Party City & Oriental Trading*

2. Food/Dessert (Never assume it’s ok to not serve food…food at parties is crucial.)

3. Drinks (account for all guests; which means alcoholic & non.)

4. Music (best to make a playlist…with songs appropriate for the event, my playlist was full of classic 80’s greatness (MJ, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper…) ok ok there may have been a few *NSYNC, Britney, & Spice Girls jams, that snuck their way in, but I mean I had to rep for my 90’s soul.)

*Optional*  5. Photo”booth” (proved to be a huge hit… However if this is not a feasible option for you, other activities like games or karaoke are fun too!)

Bonus: It’s fun to give your friends a little favor as they leave. I gave my friends little goodie bags, with a bunch of novelty candy. The 80’s were all about the candy!

Photo “Booth” Tutorial:


Note: I used VHS/Cassette tapes, a Rubiks cube, and an old Atari game for decorations!

What you’ll need:

A DSLR Camera

A Flash


Gaffers tape/or post-its (to mark the tripod stand placement)

*^This helps to keep camera out of the way when not using to avoid any accidents^*

A camera remote

*^Allows people to take pictures themselves and leaves everyone free to mingle,

and not having to play camera man^*

Some colorful or printed curtains





Word bubbles:

Colorful Oaktag

Print out some cool sayings

*^I used just some 80’s inspired catch phrases and words and also some fun 80’s movies quotes^*

*I free handed the word bubbles by just looking some up on google, but I’m sure you can print them out or use them as stencils. Once you attach the quotes to the oaktag then, you attach the word bubble to a wooden skewer. And Voila!*

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0008



When my guests first entered the party, they were greeted by this small table. It urged them to “GET YOUR “VALLEY GIRL” ON” accompanied by some double bubble, for that gum poppin’ valley girl accent. Some 80’s inspired pins and glow sticks. And last but not least some 1980’s Slang Sheets (full of fun phrases and words to enhance the 80’s vibe.)


Next the guests will find some lady like essentials in the restroom. Some 80’s Aqua Net hairspray, scrunchies, hair clips, clear nail polish, and lipsticks, all part of the “BEAUTY CORNER.”

*Fun Fact: I actually use Aqua Net Hairspray*


And just some mirror inspiration

Next up is Food & Drinks (very important)


The 80’s were all about junk foods and candy.

So I kept my appetizers simple.


Vegetable platter

Chip and dip platter

Nachos Supreme (with the works)

*Don’t forget the sour cream, salsa & guacamole!*

Click here for the recipe, I followed loosely.

For Dinner nothing says 80’s and simple like a phone call to a good ole Pizzeria;

Pizza choices: Plain, Pepperoni, and Mushroom!


For Dessert: Ice Cream Cupcakes (so good!) Found these at Pathmark. (and fruit salad that we forgot to put out but later my best friend and I ate during the night haha)


For drinks I looked up most popular drinks in the 80’s and I saw cosmos (cosmopolitan drink mixer+vodka+blend in blender with ice til frothy and garnish with a lime) and kamikaze shots (lime juice+ vodka+triple sec, serve in a test tube shot glass!)

wine coolers

coca cola (in the glass bottles)

*Also party tip, have soda, some wine, and water bottles, on hand at all times

for those who aren’t into the signature drinks!*

*And keep some black sharpies handy so guests can write their names on their cups, because I assure you, you will lose track of your cup at some point!*

Cyndi Lauper drank here

Cyndi Lauper drank here

Ok so there you have it my recipe for a kick ass 80’s party!


It was so much fun living in the 80’s for a night with my best friends, that I think from now on my events/birthday events are gonna be decade themed! It’ll be my way of living a day in each decade, like I’ve always dreamed.

Next stop…on the decade party train?

Disco 70’s?

Hippie 60’s?

I do love the 40’s!

Who knows!

Happy Monday!


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