1980’s Fashion Profile

Keeping with the theme of my last post, being that I didn’t have time to vlog my whole getting ready process and forgot to do an “outfit of the day” portion. I decided to show you some shots of my full outfit from my 80’s party. I have to admit I shopped and shopped and shopped until I found the perfect outfit, and boy was it frustrating. But thankfully a lot of the 80’s trends are coming back and are very prominent in today’s fashion…which I am super excited about! Basically I had a combination of a bunch of odd pieces that wounded up coming together quite nicely. I drew on the inspiration from ladies like…






So I gathered a checklist from these pics:

Big Hair

Lots of Bright Colored Blush & Eyeshadow

A ton of bracelets/Big Earrings





Lace gloves

A Headband

Listen while you “get ready” with me!


I set my hair in curlers the night before to have a base curl. Then I alternated curling and crimping my hair, and teazing to get that big 80’s look.


These were the products I used: Dove (anti-frizz), LOTS of hairspray, Not Your Mother’s Volumizing serum and Dry Shampoo. The combination all just added the oompf I needed.

80’s hair tangle is NO joke. *Tip to 80’s hair recovery: Don’t try to brush it out first, just shampoo and condition a few times and then brush out.*


Makeup products. I mainly focused on my eyes. Using many different shades of bright purples and lining them with black for a pop and defining them eyebrows! I used some bright blush and a bright pink lipstick to finish it off!

Close up of my  Hair & Makeup

Close up of mine (& Lauren’s)
Hair & Makeup

20140329_193519 20140329_204738Head to Toe:

Headband/Bracelets/Gloves/Legwarmers: Claire’s

Earrings: 99 cent store (hollaaa)

Lace Top: Pretty Girl

Pink Under Tank: Rainbows

Jeans: Mandees

Shoes: Payless










 Happy “Totally” Tuesday!


Twitter: Shellbelle91


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