Love is Art, Art is Love.


Get inside your head

Take it like a man

Take me as I am

I’d do the same for you

Nothing left unsaid

Still silence

Louder than ever

You offer your hand

But pull back after a short glance

Get inside your head

Before you have time to regret

Illuminating that heart on your sleeve

it beats

it bleeds

and you think I don’t notice

Blank canvas

White with emptiness

Stifled art in tightened hands

Fists that can’t let go

What would you paint?

What would you place?

Let the blood flow


How would you fill a gaping feeling of a memory

with colors?

or the absence of?

Or would you leave it

just like you left love…

on an overused rundown shelf

In a line of dusty old books

that’s where I stood

The book of love anonymously written

Saw you flee

And never look back

Is that what you were taught to do?

I’m sure your mother would have a bone to pick with you

Wait and see

Let that heart breathe

Get inside your head

I’ll read your mind

Maybe we won’t waste time

And I won’t have to wonder

but you may

if you never let love see the light of day

Get inside my head

Read my mind

Open my heart

Show me who you truly are


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