Reasons Why I Continuously Wish My Life Was Like A Gilmore Girls Episode


Gilmore Girls [Season 1] Recap…


1. Their junk food/ movie watching nights.

imagesWP8EJYDK imagesLF5HPUDP

2. Rory’s list of sexy boyfriends. #Jess you were my favorite.

imagesPP9O5NJW imagesWMZMNTUG

3. The town of Starshollow. (I want to live there!)


4. Luke’s Diner.


5. Their ability to eat like pigs and never gain weight.


6. Christopher finally stepping up and being the man Lorelai always wanted. (I loved Luke, but these two just fit so perfectly)


7. Their undeniable sense of humor; quick witted I must say!


8. Their one liner zings/comebacks

9. Their witty banter/rapid fire dialogue… [chalk that up to their immense intake of caffeine]

images7FZRPBQ9 imagesN1DHVQPS

10. Friday Night Dinner at the Gilmore house hold aka the stuffy grandparents, oh to be a fly on the wall just to witness the craziness!


11. SOOKIE ST. JAMES! [Melissa McCarthy I can say I knew you when…] 😉


By The Way…if you have never watched Gilmore Girls (or if you just want to rewatch), do yourself a favor….it’s coming to Netflix October 1st!


#UhOh #ImInTrouble


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