Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 11 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…

Larter Classy



Carter and Lexie walk into their apartment to find papers, magazines, sketches and plans covering the floor and a hardworking Roxy in the midst of it all.brathan - Copy

Lexie: What is all this?

Roxy: Hi! (jumps up) How was prison?

Carter looks at Lexie and cracks a laugh.

Lexie: Better than expected.

Roxy: (folding her arms) Reeves doin’ ok?

Lexie: Yea he was happy to hear he’s getting a granddaughter. Again…what is all this? (laughs stepping over papers to get to the chair in the living room.)

Carter stands and eyes some of the papers.

tumblr_inline_mxemc39DOo1rnwwx0[1]Roxy: Oh this….glad you asked. This you pregnant bride to be… is your wedding planned in full!

Lexie: You planned our entire wedding in less than 3 hours?

Roxy: Um I do this shit for a living. So yea.

Carter: You’re an event planner?

Roxy: (she shrugs) Convenient huh?  I’m so glad my best friend has told you absolutely nothing about her best friend…aka yours truly. (She looks at Lexie.)

The Ides of March7-20110818-252

Carter: Don’t feel bad Roxy…Lexie has issues sharing with me.

Roxy: Hmmm and yet there’s a baby…ie your baby growing inside of her….sounds like a whole lot of sharing to me.

Lexie: You know what he means Roxy.

Roxy: Oh are you referring to her inability to let people in…and by people I mean manly people. Manly people who want to love and care for her. Oh yea that’s old news when it comes to the Lexie drama, I’m well versed. She’s not so good with the non sexual part of intimacy.

Carter: Nope. Not at all.

One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720Lexie: Hello standing right here.

Roxy: Yea and…what’s your point?

Lexie: (laughs in mock shock) Hey, I’ve been getting better…Carter knows a lot more about me then he used to.

Carter: She has gotten better.

Roxy: I believe it. Hence the fact that you’re actually engaged and having a baby. P.S. sick job on stealing a married man away from his wife Lex. Now that’s even more ballsy then that time I helped our hot young T.A. cheat on his wife.

Carter looks at Lexie.

Lexie: She’s joking.

Roxy: Am I? (she raises her eyebrows)tumblr_n8bdxiydir1rk0e3jo2_250[1]

Carter: Is she?

Lexie: Yes.

Roxy laughs.

Lexie: So…what’s our wedding look like?

Roxy: Well…I have everything laid out and ready to go, it’s just a matter of a few calls. But I need you to answer one very important question. Do you want to get married before…or after the baby is born?

Lexie and Carter look at each other.

Lexie: What do you think?

Carter: I honestly don’t mind either way. Whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Roxy: Hmmm, you’ve trained him well.

crazystupidlovetrlr01videostill480Carter gives her a look and laughs.

Lexie laughs.

Lexie: I’m thinking after may be better, right? I mean I know it’s not exactly how it’s supposed to be done…but like we said we’re anything but conventional.

Roxy: What she really means is she doesn’t want to have swollen ankles and the waddle of a penguin on her wedding day… or night.

Lexie: Yea that too.

Carter: (laughs) You do realize that doesn’t matter to me right. I think you look beautiful.

Roxy: Oh gag me with a spoon. Where did you get this guy, Lex? He’s too cute for his own good. (laughs) No but seriously you’re adorable. Stay that way. She deserves it. He’s definitely a giant step up from that Joe character. (She whispers)

Carter laughs.

Lexie: (covers her face) Oh god.

Roxy: So after the baby is born? Do we all agree?

c2630d25a060be6c09e777e265d9e617Carter and Lexie nod and smiles at each other.carter smile

Roxy: Ok so we have a few months then. Which gives me plenty of time to pull this wedding off in spectacular fashion. Take a look at everything and let me know what you both think?

Lexie: Um no I’m good. I trust you.

Carter looks at Lexie in shock.

Carter: Aren’t women usually really picky and specific about their wedding day?

Lexie: Yea well you forget I’m not exactly your typical woman.

Carter: Ha you can say that again.

Lexie hits Carter in the arm.

Roxy: Hey are you serious? Because you know I tend to get a little carried away with weddings. You sure you don’t wanna take a quick glance?

Lexie: Nope apart from my wedding dress…which I can design myself…I completely leave this wedding in your hands. I know you know me well. I trust you.

Roxy: Ok. This is gonna be fun (places her hands on her hips and nods excitedly smiling brightly).

Lexie: Besides as long as I get to marry you, I don’t care where, when or how it happens. (hugs Carter).

0 Carter: Same here. (he kisses her)

Roxy: Oh boy. You guys make me want to barf. It’s a gorgeous thing. I’m happy for you both. (she winks at Lexie).

Lexie smiles still hugging Carter.

Carter: In the meantime, while Roxy takes care of our wedding…maybe we can go forth with our plans for the fashion line…the space we want is finally free, I put a bid in this morning, and looks like we got it.

Lexie: Are you serious?

Carter: Yup.

happy-brooke[1]Lexie: Oh my god that’s amazing! Why didn’t you tell me?

Carter: I wanted to make sure we got it, before getting your hopes up for no reason. But we got it. So hope all you want….this is happening. (he smiles).

Lexie: So now we can pull all the inventory from the old store in and then I can send out the rest of my designs to the seamstresses to fill the rest of the shelves.ryan-gosling-320

Carter: Already done.

Lexie: Well you move fast.

Carter: I wanna make this happen for you. I know it’s your dream.

Lexie: Just one of them.

Carter smiles.

tumblr_inline_mtsds2LjDE1r84y6b[1]Roxy makes a gagging noise from her wedding planning space on the floor. She smiles and winks at them.

Lexie: Oh that reminds me…I have to give the staff a call…I think Brice may have reached out recently. I missed a call from him the other day. I really hope he takes my offer to come work for us.

Carter: I’m sure he will. I mean with your dad wanting to take the wrap for everything, his one condition was that we all get out. Brice and Joe aren’t looking to get back into the mob business.

Lexie: Yea.

Roxy: Hey…who’s this Brice character you keep talking about? Is he hot?

Lexie: I don’t really know how to answer that question.

She looks at Carter.crazy-stupid-love-ryan-gosling-emma-stone

Carter: Oh what…because of me…like you haven’t thought about it before? You were around him everyday for years, even before I came along.

Roxy: Yea, I mean little do you know, Brice could have been Lexie’s sex pet and conquest long before you.

Carter: Oh god, please don’t go there, there’s an image forming in my mind…it’s not a good one.

The-Space-Inbetween-8x03-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15927800-1280-720Lexie:  Roxy! Oh my god. No Carter. Brice and I were always professional. Brice is a very respectful guy. He just did his job and kept to himself. But I guess he is…somewhat…attractive.

Carter: Oh really?

Roxy: Ha! I knew it…how attractive are we talking?

tumblr_mco1hfhgFn1r84y6b[1]Lexie pulls her cell phone out and shows her a picture of him.Wilson-bethel-hart-of-dixie

Roxy: Holy Grail! Wow I would not mind, destroying him for all future relationships. (stares at the picture.)

Carter: Do you both have some kind of hand book you follow, (he says looking from Lexie to Roxy and back at Lexie.)

Lexie: We’re a lot alike.

Carter: I can tell. By the way…why do you have a picture of Brice on your phone?

Lexie: It’s from the company’s database, our list of employees; the roster, everyone’s on it.

Carter: Oh… I thought you’d deleted that by now.

Lexie: I just kept it so I could reach out to everyone. They were all hard workers that just got stuck in a bad way. They could be better off working at the store, earning an honest living.

Roxy: Oh you mean your legit fashion store, and not the front you put up to house your organized crime.

Lexie: Exactly.

Roxy: Ah. Yes it all makes sense to me now. And um I will be stopping by several times a day, on account of the fact that I’m hot and Brice needs to become infatuated with me enough for me to reel him into my lair.

Carter: Well considering you’re a lot like Lexie, one look should be enough.

Roxy: Is that all it took?


Carter and Lexie exchange glances.

Roxy: (noticing) Guess so. (purses her lips and raises her eyebrows).tumblr_n8bdxiydir1rk0e3jo2_250[1]

Carter: Seriously though do Brice a favor, go easy on him. That poor guy, has no idea what he’s in for. Hell I had a warning from Lexie’s favorite bartender (he gives Lexie a glance) and I still had no clue what I was walking into.

Roxy: Oh no worries. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Lexie: (laughs) He’s a good one Rox…. Brice. When you get him. Which we all know you will. Don’t be stubborn like me. Let him in.

Roxy: Oh I plan to. (she smirks)

ryangosling[1]Carter: Innuendo number…

Roxy: 15 to 20 baby, (she winks).

They all laugh.


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