Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 11

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…

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*New Character Alert*


Roxy– Lexie’s Sassy Best Friend

2 months later…

Carter screams from the living room.

Carter: Lexie babe we gotta get going!

Brooke-and-Julain-brooke-and-julian-24963952-500-281Lexie rushes out her belly bump a significant size.

Lexie: I’m coming I’m coming! God this baby likes to hangout on my bladder… I have to pee every 20 minutes.

Carter: (laughs) You’re so cute.

Lexie smiles.

Carter: Come on, (he grabs her hand as they rush to the door.)

Lexie: Hi, by the way. (She leans up toward him for a kiss)tumblr_inline_n74ost9YBy1redit2[1]

Carter: Hi. (He kisses her back)

Lexie opens the door to find a very funky, very spirited familiar face.

Lexie: ROXY!

Roxy: (screams) Hello gorgeous!


Lexie: Oh my god! (she hugs her) What are you doing here?

Roxy: You didn’t think that I’d actually not come and check on you after all the craziness you’ve been through did you? Besides like I’d let you plan a wedding and have a baby without me.

Lexie: Oh, I’m so glad you’re here! (she hugs her tightly mqdefault[1]again.) I’ve missed you.

Roxy: Missed you more. So this is the stud that finally got Lexie to settle down, huh?

ryangosling[1]Carter: Hi. Carter, nice to meet you. (he offers his hand.)

Roxy looks at Lexie and smirks.

Roxy: Sexy and polite. (She shakes his hand.) Well you struck gold. (She says to Lexie, giving her a sly grin.)

Lexie: Yea. I kinda like him. (She smiles and nudges Carter.)

Carter blushes.

Roxy: Sorry I’m Roxy. Lexie and I go way back. We went to boarding school together. Yes I knew she turned into a mob princess/boss. I am also aware that she isn’t one anymore. But as I’m sure you know mob or no mob doesn’t really lessen the love you can have for her. (Carter and Lexie smile)Yes I’ve been gone forEVER. Because I have trouble staying in one place for too long, I’m kind of a nomad. But Lexie has kept me posted. I know all about your little affair and also that you’re pretty good in the sack. (she raises her eyebrows)

Carter looks at Lexie.

Lexie: What- I’m sorry, she’s my best friend. Girls talk.

Roxy: They certainly do. (she smirks eyeballing Carter seductively)

Carter laughs uncomfortably.

Lexie: By the way if you think she’s blunt, you haven’t seen anything yet. I will make you uncomfortable at least 15 to 20 times before the day is done. I have no filter.

Carter: Well at least you’re up front about it, right?

Demi_Lovato_Visits_Late_Night_With_Jimmy_Fallon-600x450[1]Roxy: You have been warned.

Carter: (laughs) Well this should be fun.

Roxy: (smirks) You have no idea.

Carter looks at Lexie nervously.

Lexie and Roxy start cracking up.

Roxy: Don’t worry, I’m not into the whole stealing your best friend’s boyfriend…or fiancé in your case, bit. I’m totally above that.

Carter: Ah ok, so you were just screwing with me.

Roxy: Get used to it buddy. I plan to stick around for a while.

Carter: (nods) Well any friend of Lexie’s is a friend of the family.

imagesKNFVZMO7Roxy: Ha, be careful what you wish for, (sticks her tongue out like a 5 year old and laughs.) So…where are we off to this lovely morning?

Lexie: We are going to the doctors for a 5 month check up on this little nugget.

Roxy: Oh goody. Baby news. You look fabulous by the way! Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Carter: She does. (lexie smiles at him)

Roxy: I bet your sex life is still going strong!

Carter is rendered speechless.

Lexie: (laughs) Rox-I think you’re making my future husband uncomfortable.

demi-lovato-big-secret[1]Roxy: Oh shucks. We’re all adults. (she winks) So…Can I tag along for the baby news?

Lexie: Did you actually just ask permission?

Roxy: Ah, I’m trying to instill some grown up aspects into my already childish life.

Carter laughs.

Lexie: I see. Of course you can join. It’d be amazing to have you be apart of this.

Roxy: Well then…let’s get going shall we…and on the way we can discuss a date for your wedding.

Roxy prances off toward the elevator.

Lexie and Carter exchange glances.

Lexie: (whispers) I’m sorry.

Carter shakes his head and brushes it off.

Carter: No it’s ok. She seems really great. I’m happy she’s here for you. You deserve to have some more estrogen around here. We could definitely use it considering you’ve been surrounded by nervous men your entire pregnancy. (laughs) Speaking of…have you spoken to your dad lately?

Lexie: No. But I’ll check in once we have some baby news, it’ll give him something to be happy about.

Carter nods.

Roxy: (screams from down the hall) Hey you two let’s go…that baby’s not getting any younger.

Lexie and Carter come home from the doctors appointment, Roxy in tote.

Lexie: Hey…I think I should go see my dad instead of just calling.

Carter: Lexie, babe I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I mean you’re 5 months pregnant. You shouldn’t be in a place like that.

Roxy: Yea I have to agree with the stud over here.

Lexie: Look you guys I get it. But it’s one visit and I’ll make it quick. I just…I need to see him. He needs to see for himself that I’m ok.

tumblr_m6hr17KPmm1rrf9saCarter: And you’re sure that this is what you wanna do?

Lexie: Yes.

Carter: Ok then, I’ll drive.

Lexie: (smiles) Thank you.tumblr_lpitbyIZTk1qffj5lo1_500[1]

Lexie grabs her purse and looks at Roxy.

Lexie: Hey Rox, you coming?

Roxy: Um…no I think I’ll stay.

Lexie: You’re welcome to come.

Roxy: I know. But it’s not my place. I’ll be here when you get back, I’ll be wedding brainstorming, (she smiles).tumblr_n49uqiYrZY1sb926no1_250[1]

Lexie: I think you’re growing up Roxy.

Roxy: (fake sighs) It has to happen sometime, right?

Lexie: You’re still the craziest chick I know.

Roxy: Damn proud of it. (nodding, matter of factly)

Lexie: We’ll be back.

Roxy: I’ll be here.

imagesP6S63UYWLexie sits at a table in a room, Carter sits beside her, an empty chair sits in front of them.

A guard brings out a handcuffed Reeves.imagesRN9NZ3IB

imagesIEPVTO20Reeves sees Lexie and smiles.

Lexie: (standing up) Hi Daddy.

Reeves sees her baby bump.

Reeves: Princess look at you. You look beautiful, you’re glowing.

1034637_1337646757336_full[1]The guard uncuffs Reeves and he hugs Lexie.

Reeves: Carter.

Carter: How you doin’ Reeves? (they shake hands).

Reeves: I think we can all agree I’ve been better.

They all laugh slightly and take their seats.

Lexie: Daddy, I’m so sorry I haven’t been to see you. Or called…

Reeves: Lexie don’t apologize. You have a life to live. And I am so happy that you get to do that. I wouldn’t expect or want you to be doing anything but being happy and living the life you always wanted to. I’m actually grateful you haven’t stopped by…this is no place for a woman of your condition. But I’m not going to pretend like I’m not thrilled to see you. (he smiles)

One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720Lexie: Condition? Really? Daddy I’m pregnant, not disabled.

Reeves: She’s still as stubborn as ever? (He says to Carter.)

Carter: Oh absolutely…worse even.imagesSDZLOWN3

Lexie looks from one man to the next.

Lexie: Excuse me. I am not stubborn, I am a strong independent women.

Carter: I can’t deny that.

Reeves: You remind me so much of your mother sometimes, it’s crazy.

Lexie: Daddy- (she grabs his hand) You shouldn’t be in here.

Reeves: Yes I should. I killed a man. I’ve killed many. I’m in here for a reason.

imagesNWG8494HLexie: But Skully deserved it. After terrorizing our family for years. I mean what were you supposed to do, once again let him get away with it.

Reeves: Look, Princess I got a pretty good deal. Considering all I’ve done, 10 years isn’t too bad.


Lexie: (tears up) But my daughter needs her grandpa.

Reeves: And she’ll have him, I’m not going anywhere not for a while, (laughs)…wait did you just say daughter?

Lexie nods happily still crying with newly added emotion.

Reeves: It’s a girl?

tumblr_ljxnruRleY1qbsi0eo1_500Lexie smiles and nods again.

Reeves: (hugs her again) Oh honey.

Reeves: Congratulations, (he says to both of them.)You are gonna be a fantastic mother. (pulls away looking at Lexie.)

Lexie: Well I learned from one of the best.SonnyKristina[1]

Reeves: She’d be so proud of you, princess.

Lexie smiles.

Reeves: And you…(to Carter) get your shout gun ready, (he whispers).

Carter laughs

Reeves: Maybe now you’ll understand where us fathers come from, we just try to protect our daughters.

imagesRN9NZ3IBCarter: I know. Hopefully I’ll make a good one. Lord knows biology isn’t on my side.

Reeves: Ah, Skully may have biologically been your father, but he wasn’t your dad. It takes a special person to be a dad.

Lexie: Yea. John’s your dad, Carter. He taught you all you ever need to know.

Reeves: Yea something tells me your mom made the right decision in not telling you about Skully. imagesV24ATUSOWomen have a way of always being right, so learn that now buddy.

Carter and Lexie exchange glances and laugh.

Reeves: You’ll be a better dad, then both Skully and myself. And when you get a little crazy and you feel like you don’t think you know what the hell you’re doing…you’ll have this one (nods toward Lexie) to help you realize you’re doing alright.

Lexie smiles.

Reeves: So…I see the ring, guess it finally happened…when’s the wedding?

ryangosling-300x225 tumblr_m3rwwyHBJT1rvgwj3o9_500

Lexie and Carter look at each other.


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