Christmas 2014 Bucket List

I’m a list person. I make a to do list, practically every day. Granted that may be a little OCD esque, but I love the feeling of checking things off and getting shit done. Knowing you are accomplishing things is very therapeutic and eases your worries a bit. At least it does for me. So with that being said, I came up with a Thanksgiving to do list and it really helped me hone in and focus on what I wanted to do and what I needed to do. It’s an organization thing.hellodecember

Anyhow, for the month of December I wanted to make a Christmas bucket list. Every year I feel like there is always so many things I want to do and then before I know it we are a week away from the holiday and I am still rushing to shop for gifts, trying to finish decorating and it just flies by and I don’t even get to enjoy it. So time to get it together.

*Christmas Bucket List*

Shop for presents (mostly online…because crowds are the worst!)

Buy ugly Christmas sweaterChristmas-Lights-Background-Wallpaper-1920x1080

Buy Christmas onesie/pjs

Watch Christmas movies

Listen to Christmas music (um so yea I kind of caved in and started in November….*NSYNC’s Christmas Album snuck up on my iPod and I couldn’t resist!)

Buy this year’s Christmas tree ornament

Decorate early

Watch the tree lighting on tv

Visit the city lights

Go see all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood

Christmas-treeLook up fun treats to make for Christmas Eve and Day

Try eggnog

Confession & Mass

Build a gingerbread house

Build a snowWOMAN… (cuz I never see that and I want to represent 😉 )

Buy my goddaughter a Christmas balloon (we’ve gotten her one every holiday as of late and she love balloons so…)

Make paper snowflakes with my goddaughter


* I take no credit for the images used*

Happy December!


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