2014 Highlights

So every year has it’s ups and downs but….let’s focus on 2014’s ups. And how do you back track on 2015the past year?….by scrolling through your social media accounts of course…ie: instagram! In 2014 I experienced some cool things, I experimented in my fashion, was introduced to some great new music, my interests in television and story writing has found new visions and new favorites and my family and loved ones come at the center of all that is good in my life and in my 2014 year. Share a look as I highlight my favorite memories of 2014.

**2014 Highlights**

(in no particular order)

michelleleighwrites turned 1 YEAR OLD!


Read about it HERE

Secret Society Poetry Video

Read about the video shoot HERE

Mysterious Attraction completed and I even made a faux soundtrack for it too 😉

goodbye - Copy

Soundtrack 5

Start Mysterious Attraction from the very beginning HERE

Read my Commentary HERE

Listen to the “soundtrack” HERE

Monologues & Dialogues/Short Story

he she said edit

Read “She Said.” HERE

Read “He Said, She Said.” HERE

Justin Timberlake at MSG in February with my best friend ❤


Read and watch a vlog about it HERE

My 23rd 80’s themed birthday party

…I’ve always wanted to live a day in the 80’s and now I can say I have 😉



Also….my brother MADE me this cake…a quill pen cake…how awesome is that?

You can Read about my party planning & watch my birthday vlog HERE

And my 80’s outfit inspiration HERE

My brother’s photography from his trip to Arizona was displayed in an art gallery

10156171_10101274739453987_2264385193742000767_n[1] 10169299_10101274715506977_6153576237040514540_n[1]

Read an article about it in the Brooklyn eagle HERE

……so super proud of him!

My Goddaughter Sophia turned 1! & (we celebrated a bunch of her first holidays)


Michael Jackson hologram & new album feat. a duet w/ Justin Timberlake, you know I freaked!

Read my excitements:

Performance Review HERE,

Love Never Felt So Good Reviews HERE & HERE

& Michael’s Album Review HERE

Got hooked on Orange Is The New Black


The Walking Dead Post that got me through withdrawals



Experienced a real firepit and got to make s’mores and roast hotdogs in PA



…so that made a tv nerd dream come true  #SoTheOC


New *NSYNC album


Read my Review HERE

Watching Bethany Mota on Dancing With The Stars

Flower crowns


Made this one myself! 😀

flower crowns

…cuz I freakin’ love them and have finally had the guts to rock em….#hippiechild


10366029_10205062653347192_8738867887612664275_n[1] IMG_20141226_220031

….channeling my inner Rosie the Riveter meets Aunt Jemima!

The Jumpsuit

They have always been a fashion curiosity for me, I’ve always admired them but never had the guts to wear one so….Finally I decided to rock a jumpsuit and it wasn’t as bad I thought…. #itsallfunandgamestilyouhavetopee 😉


The new ‘do’

new do


I seriously need a haircut again soon! Loved this look!

Style Steals

Demi Lovato

demi ss

Sophia Bush

sophia ss

Central Perk

10696251_10204538795651077_937552607732796906_n[1] 10261953_10205227883722636_600074712770342663_n[1]

Read more about my journey HERE

Mrs. Daryl Dixon DIY Halloween Costume

I will be rocking this on Sundays!

Vest Tutorial HERE

Becoming Mrs. Daryl Dixon HERE

Taylor Swift album


Read my full review HERE

My Baking game was strong this holiday season…

and I’m damn proud of it…this year it’s time to work on my cooking skills!





As for keeping my resolutions from last year I don’t think I was to good on my follow through. But I can say that this past year I did get at least one poetry video up, plus a few vlogging videos that turned out pretty cool. So this year my plans for this blog is to keep it growing and stick to a schedule, to keep writing, to keep filming and post a few more videos up. I definitely want to continue working on some short stories and maybe some longer scripts to post. I just got final draft screenwriting software for Christmas so I am super pumped to get to using that. And I’d really like to get back into writing some poetry. Of course the usual fashion, tv, music, reviews will continue as well. But I look forward to new writing experiences and new adventures here on  michelleleighwrites. I do hope you stick with me! Thanks for reading!

So….What are some of your favorite 2014 memories? And are you a believer in resolutions?

 Here’s to a happy and healthy new year 2015 to all!


Cant wait to continue to write for you! 😀

Feel free to follow me on twitter @shellbelle91


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  1. Love this post switched over to wordpress no more tumblr 😄 and i have blogger love ur highlights of this year

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