Kiss Me At Midnight…A Short Story

“Kiss Me At Midnight”

A short story

Soundtrack: LISTEN as you read 😉

Follow Aidan & Chloe’s New Year’s Eve  journey.

kiss me at midnight


The party is in full swing the minute Aidan walks into the room.

Balloons, streamers and confetti are literally everywhere.

The music is loud and Aidan knows he’s walking away with a headache tonight and not the kind you get from getting drunk and hung-over.

People are either dancing or making out, there’s no in between, well except for a few loners here and there.

They are my bread and butter Aidan thinks, nodding along through the crowd.

As he looks around searching for the one familiar face he cares about, the crowd parts and there she is.

chloe and aidanAiden’s gaze finally lands.

He gulps nervously and hopes she doesn’t notice.


As Chloe walks towards him in her sparkly gold dress and high heels, her spicy red lips circle into a big smile.

She glides across the room like she owns it.

In the most modest of ways.

Without even knowing it she has been charming him forever.

And he wondered if he’d finally get the chance to tell her.

She stops in front of him.

“Hey you made it.” She says, pulling him into a hug.

He is speechless for a few seconds melting in her arms like a love sick puppy.

Much like every time he talks to her, looks at her, or is even in the same room as her.

It’s easy to admire her.

Although no one is without flaw.

To him she is perfect.

It was always like that.

Ever since they were young kids growing up together.

Ever since he thought she had “cooties.”

There was always something about her that stood out from all the rest.

In a sea full of normal, she was his extraordinary.

But of course he could never tell her that, right?

After years of conversations about their futures, and what they wanna be when they grow up, brooding over stressful school years, enjoying hysterical inside jokes, and being the shoulder she’d use to cry on while he had to painfully watch countless asshole boyfriends hurt her. Hurt her.

I swear even the idea of causing her any pain, doesn’t even make the tiniest bit of sense to me. Seeing her smile is my favorite thing in the entire world. And knowing I put a smile on her face, makes it even more worth it. Making her happy is what it’s all about.

But as Aidan’s mind begins racing, it occurred to him.

That maybe this was something bigger than the both of them…Bigger than he imagined.

It’s easy to call it love.

It’s easy to say that I do in fact love her.

But the truth is it’s on a different level.

A level that even Aidan himself can’t quite understand enough to even try to explain.

So I stood there across from her, staring intently I’m sure.

Contemplating will tonight be my night?

There was too much at stake…too much to lose.

I’ve been here before. There will always be excuses.

Excuses that stop us from going after what we want, or who we want.

But yet the wonder will always be there…so why not just go for it right?

I know I know, grow a pair, is what you all say…

But that’s easier said than done, trust me.

What would she say if she knew?

How would she feel?

It’s something I’ve always dreamed of.

But I guess in this case telling your best friend you’ve been harboring feelings for her all these years may not always have the outcome you want.

I have to prepare myself for rejection.

Although if I’m being honest; I think if that rejection does happen…it’ll stay with me forever…

It’ll haunt me and it’ll be impossible for me to get over.

So what do I do?

Do I tell her I love her and risk losing her friendship if she doesn’t feel the same way?

Do I not tell her and have it slowly bring me to the point of insanity…Zac, Chris, Malcolm, Ian…who’s next?

OR door number three; best case scenario I tell her and she feels the same and we ride off into the sunset like in those cheesy old movies.

I have to admit my cowboy standards aren’t up to snuff.

I guess no matter what I choose there’s a risk in everything.

But tonight she is mine. Not in the derogatory, cave-man kinda way…allow me to explain.

Back when we were teenagers we made a pact that if we were ever dateless on New Year’s Eve, we would kiss each other at midnight…her idea not mine.

Could you imagine my excitement?

But low and behold, to my dismay, (but not much of a surprise) she had been in some way, shape or form “taken“ every New Year’s Eve since we were teenagers.

But this year she is not.

Thanks to douchey boyfriend Zac….man I hated that guy, I wanted to punch him in the face every time I saw him.

You ever meet someone you just want to punch in the face? They don’t even have to speak, you just know they’re an asshole. Well that was Zac. When I met him, I knew I’d be picking up the pieces a few weeks later.

Nevertheless, she is free. Chloe is a single woman tonight for the first time in what has felt like forever.

And tonight, she is mine.

I know what you’re thinking….What if she doesn’t even remember our pact?

Oh don’t worry I am well aware of that and I have obsessed over and over it.tumblr_nfx034UiZQ1s9lptno1_250[1]

But she’s my best friend and she will remember.

I can feel it.

It’s my chance…It’s my chance to give her a glimpse of what we could be.

Of the magic she and I could create together.

Sappy I know…

Over the years she’s made me watch way too many chick flicks for my own good.

So with everything in me here goes nothing.

As I walk over to where she stands, smiling at me…

It’s as if she knows what’s about to happen.

I knew she’d remember.tumblr_m7ebvdD2k21rab293o1_250[1]

The crowd begins to count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

And before I know it… my longest running dream is a reality.

So I have to wonder…

Will 2015 be a year of new beginnings?

It kinda feels like it already is.

Cheers to hoping so.


*I do not take any credit for any gifs or images used*

*Happy & Healthy New Year!*

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